RazorBaits Giveaway

It’s time for another giveaway here on TinBoats. Here is your opportunity to win a TinBoats & RazorBaits promotional pack of baits. There will be 6 winners. I purchased a bunch of baits from Jim at RazorBaits to make a promotional giveaway package for the site! The very cool thing about this promo pack of baits is that it contains a sample of different… ...Read More

How not to launch a boat

There are right ways and there are not so right ways to launch a boat, but this right here is one way how not to launch a boat. I get it, we all make mistakes, but when you put together heavy weight and a steep ramp, gravity always wins. Here is a small piece of advice, never unhook the winch until the boat is in the water. I’ve seen this happen time and time again.… ...Read More

Lowrance HDS Carbon Sweet 16

The new Lowrance HDS Carbon Sweet 16 is all about excess. There is nothing really more to say. With a whopping price tag of around 5k it puts it in an elite group of snobby folks. The question to ask is when is it too much? Soon you will see some joker who has two of them side by side on his fancy rig. Is that what’s needed to fish competitive these days? To win?… ...Read More

Booyah Prank

Here we go, there is a new player coming to town and it’s called the Booyah Prank. My favorite type of fishing is topwater, whether it be a popper or a frog, I will always attempt a topwater bite every time I go fishing. I really can’t tell if I will like the concept of the new Booyah Prank. A top water popper with a lip? I am not feeling it. Of course I will have… ...Read More

How to build a Transom

TinBoats member Johnny gives us another article on how to build a Transom. Many people wonder what it takes to rebuild a rotted out Transom, and here is a way to go about it. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to post a question below in the comments or reach out to the members on the forum. Thanks for the article Johnny!   Fabricating a Boat Transom … ...Read More

Swamp Runner Mud Motor video

Check out this youtube video of a SwampRunner mud motor by youtuber Patton Perdue. Talk about bad ass! Look at some of the stuff you can go through if you have one of these kits! Can you say awesome! Imagine the possibilities of getting to holes no one else can. If you are interested in more information you can check out our board sponsor SwampRunner here at … ...Read More