Giveaway Time – Vinyl Rulers

Time to giveaway some cool stuff. I am going to give away one dozen 36-inch heavy duty vinyl stick-on rulers. You can put these on your boat, cooler, or anywhere you want to measure that fish of a lifetime. This is more than just a ruler, this is a lucky ruler. The next record breaking… ...Read More

Win a TinBoats Hat!

Giveaway time! All you need to do is reply with “IN” below and you are entered to win your choice of hat!  I will pick a winner in a week or so using Chances are there will be some extra goodies in the package. These hats are the real deal, and by having… ...Read More

Cabelas AGM Battery

I need to buy a new battery for my boat and I see that the Cabelas AGM Battery is on sale. I am not sure if there is anything special about this battery, but it’s on sale so that brings it to the top of my list. Something else I noticed while surfing the Cabelas website was that… ...Read More

Shimano Curado 70

Shimano introduced a new reel this year called the Shimano Curado 70. The Curado has always been a decent reel for me so there is always 1-2 in my arsenal. I have had many different models of the curado dating back 25+ years. New does not mean better, so time will tell if… ...Read More

Seaguar flippin’

Catch a fish or catch a fisherman? That’s exactly what crossed my mind when I saw Denny Brauer on TV pitching Seaguar flippin’ fishing line. I get it, he’s paid to push product and it’s all about marketing. Does it work? Sure, I was interested, I… ...Read More

Minn Kota Ulterra

The Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor is a state-of-the-art electric trolling motor designed to simplify boat control. Picture a trolling motor that features things like fully automated stow and deploy, wireless remotes, GPS functionality and more. This is not your… ...Read More

Damiki Noisy MTB Buzzbait

I need to stop surfing the net so much because I come across lures like the Damiki Noisy MTB Buzzbait. I used to build my own buzzbaits for the fun of it, so buzzbaits were always part of my arsenal. How often do I use them? Hardly ever, and if I do it’s only for 5 minutes… ...Read More

The Rescue Step

Have you ever heard of The Rescue Step? If not, I highly recommend you take a few minutes and get to know what The Rescue Step is. I had the pleasure of meeting The Rescue Step team at the Great American Outdoor Show and it was a no-brainer to have them showcase their product here… ...Read More

Gator Trax Hydroturf

Have you been thinking about adding some Gator Trax Hydroturf to your boat? TinBoats member KRS62 did, and shared a quick video for all to see. Gator Trax Hydroturf is legit and easy to install. The hydroturf protects your boat and keeps the deck cool for those hot summer… ...Read More

From my cold dead feet

Oh my, now I’ve seen it all. If I catch any member of this forum wearing these shoes, you will be banned for life. This has to be joke right?  Who would wear these? At least my camo crocs are accepted as the norm. These? Never!… ...Read More