Varnish vs. Polyurethane

Here is a great article TinBoats member Johnny put together to highlight the difference between Varnish vs. Polyurethane. If you have any questions for Johnny, feel free to enter comments below, or better yet reach out to him on our forum. Before we dig into the details,… ...Read More

Fishing a Chatterbait

Fishing a Chatterbait should be put back on the list of baits in your arsenal? When was the last time you actually spent the time and fished a Chatterbait?  There has been some renewed interest in the forum and members are actually making their own again. What is a Chatterbait?… ...Read More

Giveaway time

It’s giveaway time. I am going to give away one dozen 36-inch heavy duty vinyl stick-on rulers. You can put these on your boat, cooler, or anywhere you want to measure that fish of a lifetime. This is more than just a ruler, this is a lucky ruler. The next record breaking… ...Read More

Peacock Bass Fishing in PR

The better half and I went Peacock Bass Fishing in Puerto Rico. We were super satisfied with Captain Paco and his guide service at Peacock Bass and Tarpon Tours. We will call on him again to do a guided Tarpon trip next time we go to Puerto Rico. We were on fish as soon as we got… ...Read More

17 lb Largemouth Bass on a Swimbait

Where can you catch a 17 lb Largemouth Bass on a swimbait? California if you put your time, research, and effort into it. This is a fish of a lifetime. My goal is to break the 10 lb mark. I doubt it will happen, but I will die trying. Looks to be on a Tin also. Take the 5 minutes and… ...Read More

Retractable Anchor pole

TinBoats member Frank R made his own Retractable Anchor pole and it came out awesome. What is cool about this, is that you can make one too for under $100. Lots of you guys like the idea of crafting your own things, so this might interest you. What I like about Frank R’s… ...Read More

Cedar Strip Canoe build

I know it’s not a Tin boat, but this is awesome. Building a Cedar Strip Canoe takes some skill for sure. The end result is a bad ass canoe. I would love to have one of these canoes because it reminds me of Northern Maine and the loons on quiet mornings. Take a few minutes to… ...Read More

Eagle Lodge and Camps

I decided it was time to take my son on a true Maine fishing experience and while doing some research, I came across Eagle Lodge and Camps based out of Lincoln, Maine. I was looking for something rustic with a feel of “yesteryear” but with the added benefits… ...Read More

RTIC 20 Review

I am going to start out by saying I love my RTIC 20 cooler. For that reason I am going to do this really short RTIC 20 review. For my birthday my family decided to buy me an RTIC 20 knowing full well I wanted one, but I was just too cheap to pull the trigger myself.  The RTIC 20 is the… ...Read More

Kipawa Trolling Motor Propeller Review

TinBoats member RiverBottomOutdoors did a review of the Kipawa trolling motor propeller he purchased. This is a real review and not a paid endorsement. So remember, this is his opinion and findings. I literally cut and paste what he wrote on the forum which can be found here.… ...Read More