Eagle Lodge and Camps

I decided it was time to take my son on a true Maine fishing experience and while doing some research, I came across Eagle Lodge and Camps based out of Lincoln, Maine. I was looking for something rustic with a feel of “yesteryear” but with the added benefits… ...Read More

RTIC 20 Review

I am going to start out by saying I love my RTIC 20 cooler. For that reason I am going to do this really short RTIC 20 review. For my birthday my family decided to buy me an RTIC 20 knowing full well I wanted one, but I was just too cheap to pull the trigger myself.  The RTIC 20 is the… ...Read More

Kipawa Trolling Motor Propeller Review

TinBoats member RiverBottomOutdoors did a review of the Kipawa trolling motor propeller he purchased. This is a real review and not a paid endorsement. So remember, this is his opinion and findings. I literally cut and paste what he wrote on the forum which can be found here.… ...Read More

Win a Real Prey Perch Swimbait

This is Round 2 as promised folks! How would you like to win a Real Prey Perch swimbait? All you need to do is leave a Reply with the word “IN” in the comment section below and you will be entered. Do not worry about your email, I will not use them for anything except… ...Read More

Giveaway Time – Vinyl Rulers

Time to giveaway some cool stuff. I am going to give away one dozen 36-inch heavy duty vinyl stick-on rulers. You can put these on your boat, cooler, or anywhere you want to measure that fish of a lifetime. This is more than just a ruler, this is a lucky ruler. The next record breaking… ...Read More

Win a TinBoats Hat!

Giveaway time! All you need to do is reply with “IN” below and you are entered to win your choice of hat!  I will pick a winner in a week or so using random.org. Chances are there will be some extra goodies in the package. These hats are the real deal, and by having… ...Read More

Cabelas AGM Battery

I need to buy a new battery for my boat and I see that the Cabelas AGM Battery is on sale. I am not sure if there is anything special about this battery, but it’s on sale so that brings it to the top of my list. Something else I noticed while surfing the Cabelas website was that… ...Read More

Shimano Curado 70

Shimano introduced a new reel this year called the Shimano Curado 70. The Curado has always been a decent reel for me so there is always 1-2 in my arsenal. I have had many different models of the curado dating back 25+ years. New does not mean better, so time will tell if… ...Read More

Seaguar flippin’

Catch a fish or catch a fisherman? That’s exactly what crossed my mind when I saw Denny Brauer on TV pitching Seaguar flippin’ fishing line. I get it, he’s paid to push product and it’s all about marketing. Does it work? Sure, I was interested, I… ...Read More

Minn Kota Ulterra

The Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor is a state-of-the-art electric trolling motor designed to simplify boat control. Picture a trolling motor that features things like fully automated stow and deploy, wireless remotes, GPS functionality and more. This is not your… ...Read More