Painting the Inside of a Boat

Pretty cool video of one person as they paint the inside of their boat. Very cool visual for those of us who learn by seeing. Thanks for posting it on youtube.  Check out the video and then his channel on youtube. Subscribe to the channel because there are a bunch more useful videos/tutorials for you to check out. I hope he joins our forum, he would be a fantastic… ...Read More

Muskies on a Bulldawg

I have been following JohnsfishingChannel on Youtube for awhile now and he just posted a video from last October catching a couple of big muskies on a Bulldawg bait. Take a few minutes and check out his video. Youtube Channel: JohnsFishingChannel Bulldawg Baits: Magnum Bull Dawg Perch… ...Read More

Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcasting Reel

There is a new contender in town for 2017 and its the Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcasting Reel. Below is some of the  information direct from the press release. This reel has an all new lower profile design that is as good looking as it is comfortable to fish. What makes this reel special is the aluminum CT frame that delivers durability and performance, the air rotation… ...Read More

Skipping and Pitching docks

Skipping and pitching docks and overhangs is a technique that you must master. The big ones hide under there, this is a fact. This technique requires practice, practice, and more practice to perfect it. I can only do it with a spinning setup, I tried a few times with a baitcaster, but it became really expensive changing line each and every time I got a massive… ...Read More

Shimano Chronarch MGL 150

Shimano is introducing the Shimano Chronarch MGL 150 for 2017. This is going to be a bad ass reel for sure. It’s at a price point that is tough to swallow unless your a hardcore fisherman or a Shimano fanboy. I personally want one, but I just cant fork over that kind of cash for one reel at this point. I took the blurb and specs right from the Shimano site so read… ...Read More

Lowrance HDS Carbon

I really want to get my hands on on one of these Lowrance HDS Carbon units. Unfortunately they are out of my price range. These units go from 7 inch to massive 12 inch screens. Wow! Can you  say overkill?  Can you picture one of these units on a 14 foot Jon? Ready for Battle. New Lowrance® HDS Carbon units feature ultra-clear SolarMAX™ HD multi-touch displays… ...Read More