Mattlures Jitterfish

Mattlures has introduced a new swimbait called the Mattlures Jitterfish. This bait looks awesome. This bait reminds me of the classic jointed jitterbug, but with a realistic fish appearance and with big fish catching size and weight. The bait comes in at 2.5 ounces, is 8 inches long, and comes in 4 different colors. I bet the Pike will eat this thing up like an appetizer.… ...Read More

Jackall Swimming Ninja G90

Jackall lures has introduced a new swimbait that again caught my eye  for a few reasons, it is called the Jackall swimming ninja G90. This bait is less than 4 inches long and weighs 3/4 oz. I am a fan of the smaller swimbaits because you can throw them all day long and not get tired. The feature that I like best is that this lure has the ability to stand straight up on… ...Read More

Pick your flavor

Here is a cool picture taken by TinBoats member Waterboy I call Pick your flavor. He was driving through a local park in the New Orleans, Louisiana area and came across a row of multi colored TinBoats just itching to get in the water!  To see a bigger picture, click here.  … ...Read More

JDBaits Perfection

JDBaits perfection! If I had to choose one color and one color only for the rest of my fishing career I would choose red shad without a doubt. This is the color I have had the most success with and the color I am most confident using. DennyB sent me these picture of the red shad he has perfected. I must say I am impressed. I cannot wait to get them in my hands. Below are pictures… ...Read More

Shimano Scorpion XT

I am a Shimano guy. That is all I need to say. I have tried them all, but I keep on going back to my trusty Shimano Scorpion XT reels. I am really a fan of the Japanese models that we can get from certain Vendors and ebay. The price might be a little more, but once in your hand you can tell why. The new Shimano Scorpion XT caught my eye and it will be part of the arsenal one day.… ...Read More

TinBoats happenings

The April Photo contest had members be a little creative while having some fun, and member MeanMouth was declared the winner with his “Cranks gone Wild” shot. The May photo contest is underway and this months theme revolves around “dock Shots”. Read about it and get involved, a killer highly sought-after prize will be rewarded! Nice… ...Read More