I guess every website should have one of these? I don’t know. I guess it’s nice, but I don’t want to make it totally about me. So anyway, here goes.

My name is Jim, and I own this site here called TinBoats.net. Who is Jim?  No one special, just a guy named Jim. I am married, have three beautiful kids, a couple of dogs and a cat. I live the American dream paycheck to paycheck. Currently I am a manager of IT Security Operations for a local Home Owners Insurance company. Other than that, I have no special skills and I am a danger with any kind of tool in my hand. Sad, I know.

Why the site was created

TinBoats.net was started many moons ago because there needed to be a resource for all “Things” aluminum boats. There was none. Back in the day you would have to go to bass boat sites, or glass boat sites or general boat sites, but nothing dedicated to the everyday guy that had a small aluminum boat whether a Jon,V-boat, aluminum bass boat and even Jet boats.

Articles and Reviews

On to the fun stuff. If you are here for proper grammar, punctuation, and literary masterpieces, you will not find them here, I promise. I am not a writer, author, English teacher or anything along those lines you find at other sites. That is not what this site is about. Everything is written with the intent to make it clear and simple for the everyday Joe Schmoe like me.

All the Reviews we do here are items the member or myself pay for with our own money. If not, it will be noted at the very beginning of the review. Our reviews will be honest and with constructive criticism if needed. Again to reiterate, the site was founded on the idea of helping each other with honesty and integrity.

That’s about it!  Sit back and enjoy the site and don’t be afraid to add your own .02 cents to the friendly, family oriented, Rated PG site known as TinBoats.net