Albright Bridgestone Waders

This is going to be my review of the bridestone waders I purchased from Albright. I got on their mailing list and pretty much on a monthly basis I get an email letting me know about their “70% off sale”. If this is their marketing scheme, it works. I purchased a pair of their Bridgestone waders for a whopping $65.48 delivered. I understand you get what you pay for, but I was thinking these waders are on sale and I am getting a deal. The waders arrived and I put them away unused for pretty much a whole year. When the Striper season arrived I dug them out and tried them on.  The fit and finish seemed nice, and they felt comforatble while wearing them. I will give them that. After an hour or so In the water I started to feel a little clammy in the right foot. No big deal I thought, It must be the heat of my sock and wader keeping the foot warm…..who knows. I did not pay much attention to it because the bite was on and I was catching striper after striper….awesome! I did the same thing the week after, but this time my right leg was completely drenched while my left foot was fine. WTF?  Did I step on a rock? Did I cut them somewhere? I was bummed, a little pissed to be honest. My buddy told me to go into a dark room and flash a flashlight down the right leg and see where the light came through. Sure enough 2-3 pin size holes above my ankle where the boot and the wader came together.

What roasts me is not that the cheap waders are useless after my second outing, my beef is that my email to the company went unanswered and it has been about a month. Do not have a customer contact page if you are not willing to respond to it. For that reason alone I am saying stay away from Albright waders, there are a ton of other companies willing to stand behind their products. If Albright ever decides to respond, I will let you know the outcome. For now I will patch these up with some 3M 5200 and start researching a new brand. My advice to you, pass on the Albright waders.

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