Artificial Structure

What is artificial structure? In my opinion it is man made structure that mimics natural habitat that attracts fish. A goal of mine is to one day own my own little private pond and manage it for trophy bass. We all have dreams, this is one of mine. I love fishing small bowl shaped kettle ponds down at Cape Cod. These ponds are not over-fished because there are so many of them. The one issue with them? They all have no structure. Picture a 300 acre soup  bowl with only a few trees in that have fall all around the edges. They have big bass in them, but the fishing could be even better if you dropped in some artificial habitat from
This is the perfect environmentally friendly structure to add to your honey hole. Here is an article written by Brad Wiegmann that describes using Fishiding products for building fish cover. Please check it out, the artificial habitat looks awesome and simple to transport and setup. This will be used in my “honey hole”  pond when it comes to fruition. David W. Ewald owner of has made an excellent product that will vastly improve your favorite fishing spot. The structure is well built and to be honest, very inexpensive for what you are getting. Go ahead and give it a try, you have nothing to lose but fish to gain.

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