Blackhawk Custom Baits – Mongrel

I found a bait that I have never seen before and it caught my eye. I am no expert, I am not even a good fisherman. I do ok, but I would say I’m average to below average. It’s ok, I can take it. There are days though where I could be a touring pro, and there are days where I would want to break the rod over my knee. Sound familiar? When I saw this bait however, I knew it had to be part of my arsenal. Not I will eventually add to my arsenal……I had to order it to have it in my hands right now, in the dead of winter, knowing full well it would be a couple of months before I could fish with it. The bait is called the Mongrel and it is made by a die hard enthusiast named Keith from Blackhawk Custom Baits.  I will let the pictures do the talking.

If you fish high pressure waters, then score yourself a couple of bags of these baits. Im pretty sure the fish have never seen a bait like this. I like to support the little guy that makes baits with their hands in their garage because the products always reflect the passion they have. This bait is no exception. Honestly the baits are inexpensive and worth giving a shot. To order either click on the facebook link above (no facebook account needed) or email Keith direct at He will hook you up and these baits will put you on fish for sure. I am so positive of this that I am giving a few packages away to my loyal active members to test and report back. Join the forum and you can take part of these cool offerings we offer here from time to time at

Check them out at: Blackhawk Custom Baits