Finessing Smallmouth on Quabbin

Below is another fishing report from TinBoats member WillWetLine (Mike) on finessing Smallmouth on Quabbin. Every time I read one of his reports, I feel like driving out to Quabbin reservoir to do some fishing. Add it to your bucket list, spend a day, rent a boat, pack a cooler,and bring a trolling motor. You will not regret it! Finessing Smallmouth on Quabbin… ...Read More

My First Fish of 2017

My first fish of 2017 is in the books. I was hanging out with my friends Alex and Elias and we decided to go fishing at a local watering hole called Dean Park pond. If you know anything about Dean Park Pond, you know it’s small and shallow and has fountains that light up at night. I actually think the fountains help with pond aeration, and it does not seem to bother… ...Read More

Muskies on a Bulldawg

I have been following JohnsfishingChannel on Youtube for awhile now and he just posted a video from last October catching a couple of big muskies on a Bulldawg bait. Take a few minutes and check out his video. Youtube Channel:¬†JohnsFishingChannel Bulldawg Baits:¬†Magnum Bull Dawg Perch… ...Read More

Fish Report – Big Stripers on Big Shad

TinBoats member H20hawgs captured on camera the first fish landed on his SeaArk 2072 jet jon. Talk about catching Big Stripers on big shad, this is no joke. Video was captured using a Sony HDR-Az1 mini. Not a bad little camera in my opinion, not bad at all. Good job H20hawgs, I hope it’s the first of many more. Read all about the report by clicking here.  … ...Read More

Perch Bite is on

What do you consider a good fishing day? Just getting out on the water? Catching a fish? How about having a banner day catching massive sized perch one after another. Tinboats member Wallijig and his uncle had just one of those days while fishing for Perch through the Ice. All I can say is wow. Road trip anyone?  Good job gentlemen! Check out one of the Perch… ...Read More

First Fish of 2012

TinBoats member SVOMike86 broke the ice for 2012 by catching this monster Bass. With no scale in hand we assume that this fish is between 4-5 pounds. What a way to start the season! If your a member, you can read about his fishing trip and what he caught this pig of a bass on here.… ...Read More