Trilene Big Game Review

Tinboats member kmfw160 stepped up to the plate to do a Trilene Big Game Review for us. Reviews by the members for the members are the best because there is no agenda. These reviews are one members opinion and experience and it is awesome that they want to share that with us. On that not I want to thank kmfw160 for doing this for us here at Tin Boats. Trilene Big Game… ...Read More

RTIC 20 Review

I am going to start out by saying I love my RTIC 20 cooler. For that reason I am going to do this really short RTIC 20 review. For my birthday my family decided to buy me an RTIC 20 knowing full well I wanted one, but I was just too cheap to pull the trigger myself.  The RTIC 20 is the smallest cooler of the RTIC line and retails for $125. If you are familiar with these kinds… ...Read More

Member Review – Plano Sportsmans Tote

Plano sportsmans totes are a great way to store all our gear. What are Plano sportsman’s totes?  The totes are glorified, manly storage containers that mostly function as designed and allow us to store all our gear in a solid, neat, fashion. Basspro shops had them on sale so I picked up four more this year. The 56 Quart is on sale for $10. The 68 Quart… ...Read More

Member Review – Seelite LED Flood Lights

The members here at are what makes this site awesome and a phenomenal resource to those that seek out answers to anything related to their boats. TinBoats member Lil’ Blue Rude  did an initial review on some Seelite LED Flood lights and wanted to share his thoughts and findings. For that I say thank you. This particular review will be on the Seelite… ...Read More

Pflueger President review

I was on the hunt for a new spinning reel so I asked the members of our trusty forum for a recommendation. The only criteria for me was a set price, and it had to be under $75. I have more expensive reels, but I knew I could get a solid reel for below the $75 price point. After reading the member recommendations and doing a boat load of online research, I settled on the Pflueger… ...Read More

Lews BB1 Speed Spool Casting Reel

Here is an article written by TinBoats member Fender 66 about the Lews BB1 Speed Spool Casting Reel. I promised to write a review so here it is from the perspective of a non professional fishing addict. I was able to get out on the water again on Tuesday of this week. Went to a lake to practice fish some plastics that I’m not comfortable with, but primarily try… ...Read More