How not to launch a boat

There are right ways and there are not so right ways to launch a boat, but this right here is one way how not to launch a boat. I get it, we all make mistakes, but when you put together heavy weight and a steep ramp, gravity always wins. Here is a small piece of advice, never unhook the winch until the boat is in the water. I’ve seen this happen time and time again.… ...Read More

From my cold dead feet

From my cold dead feet! Oh my, now I’ve seen it all. If I catch any member of this forum wearing these shoes, you will be banned for life. This has to be joke right?  Who would wear these? At least my camo crocs are accepted as the norm. These? Never!… ...Read More

Premium Cooler Market

What is going on in the Premium Cooler Market these days?  This is crazy if you are to ask me. Back in the day it was the old trusty Coleman. These days you have premium cooler companies popping up left and right trying to get you to shell out big bucks for something that is likely going to get stolen out of the back of your truck. Are they worth it? No idea, I’m… ...Read More

The Choice

I went to the Great American Outdoor show in PA last weekend and while walking through the archery section I saw Ralph and Vicki from “Archers Choice”.  It is always cool when you meet people that you consider celebrities. I watch their show all the time on the outdoor channel. They were a class act and very friendly, exactly what I expected.… ...Read More

Ice Auger Machines

Sticking with the Ice fishing theme, I ran across a very cool invention that is probably worth it’s weight in gold. I hope this takes off, I really do. Auger power go kart that can drill holes. No more walking my fat ass across the ice, Im going in style!   Genius, Pure Genius!  Good Luck Adam! Facebook:… ...Read More

Kodiak Wipes

Holy Crap!  No pun intended.  Kodiak wipes are marketed to us “outdoor” people. I only see the Ad on my  hunting channel. Nothing like being out and about in the woods and nature calls.  I don’t know about you, but Dunkin Donuts napkins are my savior, and my buddy Rich has an endless supply of McDonalds napkins readily available… ...Read More