Bait Junkys

I want to give a shameless plug to Long time TinBoats member Bugpac has started a bait making supply shop and forum for all the custom bait makers out there. They have plastic, colorants, glitter and lots of other supplies to re-supply you or get you started in the fun and profitable hobby of making your own fish catching custom baits. Check out… ...Read More

On-board Grill

I sometimes come across things that members do that simply amaze me or just plain give me a chuckle. This idea is pure genius. How do you cap the absolute perfect fishing day? By cooking a couple of burgers or dogs on your on-board grill, that’s how. TinBoats member yankefan100 had the right idea when it came to hooking up his boat with all the comforts of home.… ...Read More

Pick your flavor

Here is a cool picture taken by TinBoats member Waterboy I call Pick your flavor. He was driving through a local park in the New Orleans, Louisiana area and came across a row of multi colored TinBoats just itching to get in the water! ┬áTo see a bigger picture, click here.  … ...Read More

TinBoats happenings

The April Photo contest had members be a little creative while having some fun, and member MeanMouth was declared the winner with his “Cranks gone Wild” shot. The May photo contest is underway and this months theme revolves around “dock Shots”. Read about it and get involved, a killer highly sought-after prize will be rewarded! Nice… ...Read More