Converting Transom Mount to Bow Mount

Converting a transom mount trolling motor to a bow mount trolling motor is a very common question with good reason. As the cost of bow mount trolling motors are through the roof, many of us are modding jon boats as a low budget alternative that allows us to fish just as well as pricier rigs. The process is actually very simple.

On most transom mount Minn Kotas, if you look right under the head, you will see a Phillips screw head on one side, and a captive nut on the other. Unscrew the Phillips screw, and be sure to catch the captive nut on the other side, as they often like to jump out, and roll to the far corner of your shop, never to be found again.


When you get it out, you will have a shoulder screw, and nut that will be very similar to this.


Now, turn the head around 180 degrees. Realign the holes (sometimes a skinny piece of wire or welding rod is needed to accomplish this), and insert the screw again (be sure not to put the screw head on the side of the captive nut). Place the captive nut on the other side, and tighten down with the screwdriver.


The Evinrude trolling motors employ a different method for holding the head on. They have an aluminum collar, with 2 allen set screws crimping it down.


All that’s needed here is to loosen the set screws 2 or so turns.


Here is what the collar looks like, when removed.


Now, turn the head around, like we did with the MKs, and put the collar back in place, tightening the set screws.

Have any questions? You can often find Bassboy1 cruising the forum.

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