Damiki Noisy MTB Buzzbait

I need to stop surfing the net so much because I come across lures like the Damiki Noisy MTB Buzzbait. I used to build my own buzzbaits for the fun of it, so buzzbaits were always part of my arsenal. How often do I use them? Hardly ever, and if I do it’s only for 5 minutes unless I start catching fish right away. I’m sure you know what I mean, right? The thrill of catching a fish on a topwater buzzbait explosion is awesome and second to none. What really caught my eye about the Damiki Noisy MTB Buzzbait were some of the unique design features not found on other buzzbaits. 

The Noisy Buzzbait

Is the Damiki Noisy MTB Buzzbait just another buzzbait? I’m not sure, but from the description on numerous websites it has some unique design features. One of these design features is this M-Hull technology that supposedly makes the bait run better than other buzzbaits by tracking straighter. The M-Hull technology also helps resists roll overs which are common with buzzbaits at certain speeds. Another design feature is the exclusive Ball Knocker that gives the buzzbait a different sound than other buzzbaits.

Damiki Noisy M.T.B. Buzzbait


  • Ultra Sharp, super strong viper hook
  • Double hole blade
  • M-Hull shaped head design
  • combo of fine cut and regular cut silicone skirts (hand-tied)
  • M.T.B’s new clicker system

Does this buzzbait live up to the hype? I don’t know, I don’t have one yet. Will I be buying one? You know it! Check out this video from Scott McGehee and judge for yourself. I know after watching this video, I will be spending time throwing buzzbaits like a boss.

Do you throw buzzbaits? Is it time to add them back in to your arsenal? Have you used this particular buzzbait? Leave a thought or a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Damiki Noisy MTB Buzzbait

  1. I never have success throwing buzzbaits. This guy makes it look easy. Is there a “season” for throwing buzzbaits?

    1. I feel your pain lol!

      Here is a link to tips on using buzzbaits: http://www.scout.com/outdoors/wired2fish/story/1468134-6-tips-for-more-buzzbait-bass

      A google search for “what season throw buzzbaits” brought up this link which sheds some light: http://www.booyahbaits.com/blog/big-shot-fishes-buzzbait/

      I think it comes down to just being persistent and continuing to throw it? I will dedicate some time to it for sure, hopefully with some increased results.

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