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by CedarRiverScooter
17 Jul 2019, 11:49
Forum: Short Stories and Humor
Topic: Oldness Test
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Re: Oldness Test

So anyone remember what they tied the Timex watch to? Hint, it is related to the forum!
by CedarRiverScooter
16 Jul 2019, 07:07
Forum: Motors
Topic: 1955 Evinrude 7.5 Fleetwin - busted pull cord
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Re: 1955 Evinrude 7.5 Fleetwin - busted pull cord

I recently did a 5hp & it took 7 turns of spring winding, then hooked rope end into the little attachment window. We used starter rope from Farm & Fleet, think it was 4.5-5mm diameter.
by CedarRiverScooter
16 Jul 2019, 06:51
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: So I hit a log yesterday...
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Re: So I hit a log yesterday...

Not trying to 1 up, but hit submerged concrete (from old bridge) yesterday. Was new territory & was going slow thru the log jam that I saw. Concrete was 2 inches below surface & got high centered on it. Had to get out & stand on concrete to lift boat off. 2 inch long gouge in bottom, I have all the ...
by CedarRiverScooter
11 Jul 2019, 21:09
Forum: Boat House
Topic: Guide on posts
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Re: Guide on posts

I made mine from electrical conduit. They have curved pcs which helped get the width I needed. I welded it together, but you could bolt it on with some ingenuity
by CedarRiverScooter
06 Jul 2019, 15:52
Forum: Motors
Topic: two stroke oil
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Re: two stroke oil

Mystic Sea & Snow, best bang for the buck if you don't have a high performance engine.
by CedarRiverScooter
06 Jul 2019, 15:50
Forum: Motors
Topic: How to replace starter recoil spring 1940s Johnson TN 5 hp
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Re: How to replace starter recoil spring 1940s Johnson TN 5 hp

Got it done.

1st try was a fail, tang came off & spring partially unwound.

On 2nd try, we used a putty knife to keep tang on during the assembly.

Definitely a 4-hand operation.

Now good as new!
by CedarRiverScooter
06 Jul 2019, 08:17
Forum: Motors
Topic: How to replace starter recoil spring 1940s Johnson TN 5 hp
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How to replace starter recoil spring 1940s Johnson TN 5 hp

I am going to help a buddy with his TN Johnson. The starter spring broke & he has the replacement. I searched the 'net but couldn't find any demos on how to install this without it accidently unraveling on us.

Any help will be appreciated.
by CedarRiverScooter
03 Jul 2019, 08:20
Forum: Electrical
Topic: Electrical nightmare
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Re: Electrical nightmare

Check the USCG boat builder's code. You can easily find it online. IIRC it says to have a main fuse, sized per the wire size, located a few feet from the battery.
by CedarRiverScooter
29 Jun 2019, 21:57
Forum: Motors
Topic: Is a 4hp a waste of time for me?
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Re: Is a 4hp a waste of time for me?

An engine can only push the amount of air that the pistons can move.

A bigger carb will only hurt throttle response, as the oversize venturi won't get strong enough pulses to spray the fuel evenly.
by CedarRiverScooter
29 Jun 2019, 21:51
Forum: Electrical
Topic: Better trailer lights?
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Re: Better trailer lights?

Don't buy the cheapest but also no need for the most expensive. Definitely go LED.

Other than that they are pretty much all the same.

Shop local if you can.
by CedarRiverScooter
21 Jun 2019, 17:25
Forum: Boat House
Topic: The dreaded holes
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Re: The dreaded holes

If there are pin holes, the material thickness is probably very thinned out. After patching the holes, I would rivet on aluminium patch larger than the affected area. Use sealant around the perimeter of it. Another alternative would be to epoxy the metal patch on, then you won't have to drill holes....
by CedarRiverScooter
20 Jun 2019, 19:55
Forum: Boat House
Topic: Caulk
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Re: Caulk

I have use both LT & 3M5200, & LT is not as good for strength or adhesion. But if you aren't sealing a high stressed joint then it should be good enough. Another option (but not for below waterline) is locktite roofing sealant, which is polyurethane also, just a much lower grade. The last tube of 3M...
by CedarRiverScooter
14 Jun 2019, 21:02
Forum: Jon and V boat Conversions and Modifications
Topic: Removable tunnel cover
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Re: Removable tunnel cover

It seems he wants to regain a flat hull. Upside will be better planing & floatation, downside will be that unless fully sealed, it will drag heavy water around. If you proceed, I would not punch any holes in the hull. Instead, epoxy on the mounting flanges. If they come loose some day, at least you ...
by CedarRiverScooter
08 Jun 2019, 08:25
Forum: Boat House
Topic: tubing
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Re: tubing

Tubes can dig in (submarine) suddenly & pull really hard on the boat. This could be a capsizing event if you were in a turn at the time.

I would not recommend using a light tin boat for tubing..
by CedarRiverScooter
15 May 2019, 06:44
Forum: Boat House
Topic: Waterproofing non-treated lumber?
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Waterproofing non-treated lumber?

I would focus on soaking the end grain with whatever stuff you choose.

I personally don't like the new formula Thompsons as it doesn't soak in like the old stuff did.

For the long haul, keeping it dry will make it last. Keep the bow up during storage & use a tarp if possible.