OMC 9.9/15 fuel pump rebuild question

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OMC 9.9/15 fuel pump rebuild question

Post by wmk0002 » 06 Jun 2019, 12:49

My fuel pump went out on my 1992 Johnson 9.9hp. I got BRP rebuild kit and rebuilt it last night. This was my first time to rebuild one of these pumps but it was fairly easy and I believe I did it right although haven't tested it yet.

My question stems from the original failure of the pump. What happened was that one check valve had come apart inside. All these check valves consist of is a rubber disc with a spring and a metallic insert to hold the spring in place. In my case the metallic piece had popped out and allowed the spring and plug to come loose and turn sideways in the housing. The parts looked fine so I reset them and pushed the metallic piece in to hold it together. There was no positive click or snap or anything to indicate that it was really locked in. Now I'm worried it will have the same failure on me again. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it will be ok or if I need to pull it back apart and add something to hold it better in place. And if so what would be a good option to essentially "glue" it in place?
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