Paint for boat name

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Paint for boat name

Post by Boz Mon »

I'm looking to stencil and paint on the name of my jet jon. Not sure if I need to use special paint or if anything will do. Has anyone done this? I figured it would be cooler than just having graphics made.

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Paint for boat name

Post by DaleH »

I'd just use a good high gloss enamel.
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Paint for boat name

Post by Johnny »

how good are your hand lettering skills ???

you can either paint freehand with sign painters 1-Shot lettering enamels.
or - you can cut a mask out of regular sticky back shelf paper with an X-Acto knife and spray with Rust-Oleum
or - you can visit your local sign shop and have a digital computer cut paint mask made.
and as Dale mentioned - any good quality oil gloss enamel will work. (or latex, if you want to roll that way).
If you decided to go with the adhesive back paint mask - peel the mask off as soon as the paint sets up.
this will prevent lifting around the edges. If you wait until the paint dries - you will peel up the paint with the mask.
also, the surface must be pristine and free of any contaminants and then scuffed gently with the green scotch pad.
The end result that you are looking for will dictate the method and products you use.

I myself would prefer 23k gold leaf with a 1/8" outline with a 3/4" gray drop shadow to the right.

yeah - I've done it a couple of times.

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Paint for boat name

Post by stinkfoot »

I stencilled my numbers on with Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover Matte Black. It's OK but there was a bit of bleed because I should have cut an 1/8" off one end of the stencils so it lay really flat. If I was to do it again I'd get vinyl letters. Still up in the air about 'Titanic II' for a name....

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