13 ft Glass Mod in the Works

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13 ft Glass Mod in the Works

Post by krrthree » 11 Mar 2011, 01:53

Hello to everyone. I know this isn't a "tin" boat, but i did notice that you had a few glass boats on here so i thought i would join in. I really like the forums and everyones mods. I have gotten lots of great ideas from here and plan on using them for my rebuild/mod.

Here is my 13 Ft glass boat that i am currently rebuilding ( i have been researching for about 2 weeks, and still can't get a definitive answer on what kind of boat this is)
I bought it cheap everything except the insides was good. 40hp Johnson runs like a charm.
When i got it, the decking was rotted, so i tore it out only to notice that the decking support also had not been water treated either, so i decided to rip everything out.
And just as i figured the sub-flooring and even the one stringer and ribs were water logged.

Here is a picture of the old decking
old decking.JPG
Here you can see where mold had started to grow
All of the decking has been removed
decking removed.JPG
Old Decking Supports
decking supports.JPG
Old Front Deck
Front Deck.JPG
Old Rear Deck
rear deck.JPG
We will just skip all the destruction, here is the fiberglass floor that was exposed
fiberglass floor.JPG
fiberglass floor2.JPG
Removing Fiberglass floor
removing fiberglass.JPG
removing fiberglass2.JPG
Here is a starboard view once i got the fiberglass floor out
the starboard bow
the bow with storage
transom and motor
and here is the rotted sub-floor
Rotted sub-floor.JPG
Breaking through the rotted sub-floor
through to the hull.JPG
finally gutted.
subfloor gone.jpg
The stringers and ribs (or should i say RIB) is just in place so i can reference their position and use them as a template for the new ones.

I will start installing the new stringers and sub-floor on Monday and will post more pics then.

Take care.

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13 ft Glass Mod in the Works

Post by Truckmechanic » 11 Mar 2011, 06:00

I don't think I have ever seen a boat that small with a console. That is the coolest little boat!! I am anxious to see what you do with it.

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13 ft Glass Mod in the Works

Post by krrthree » 11 Mar 2011, 08:08

I am planning on moving the console to the center similar to an old boston whaler.

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13 ft Glass Mod in the Works

Post by bt4264 » 20 Apr 2011, 12:42

Any updates??
Ineterested in how this one comes out.....

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13 ft Glass Mod in the Works

Post by gottafish » 24 Jun 2011, 20:05

I was going to say it looks like a Boston Whaler or maybe a Mckee Craft. You can put some serious horsepower on the back of them.

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