Converting Transom Mount to Bow Mount

Converting a transom mount trolling motor to a bow mount trolling motor is a very common question with good reason. As the cost of bow mount trolling motors are through the roof, many of us are modding jon boats as a low budget alternative that allows us to fish just as well as pricier rigs. The process is actually very simple. On most transom mount Minn Kotas, if you… ...Read More

Building a LiveWell

This article is about building a livewell. Many of the older jon boats we buy today are not equipped with livewells, and in order to fish tournaments, we’re required to keep fish alive by means other than a stringer. A cooler or Rubbermaid container can accomodate the requirements with added aeration – this livewell mod takes it a step farther…… ...Read More

Hidden Structure

It is no secret that crappie love hidden structure. Why else would anglers spend so much time making and adding structure to bodies of water for their “honey holes”? Adding structure to a lake is a proven way to increase your catch limits, but there are countless other natural structures that will do the same. Drop offs, creek channels and stumps are just a… ...Read More

Float n’ Fly for winter smallmouth

There is a proven method that can produce some excellent winter action,It’s called the Float n’ fly(FNF) technique. What it entails is fishing a small “doll-fly” like jig under a fixed bobber on typically steep sloping banks, in hopes to target suspending smallmouth bass during cold water conditions. If any of you fish for bass… ...Read More

Trailer Tips

This article is all about trailer tips. Judging from the number of questions I see on various message boards, it seems that trailer setup is a common problem among boat owners. And, a lot of anglers refuse to take the boat on short trips, because it is not worth the trouble that is required to launch and retrieve the boat after each trip. Given what this site is geared… ...Read More

Topwater Frog Fishing

In the hot and humid dog days of summer most anglers do not associate this weather pattern with topwater frog fishing. While topwater lures can be extremely effective in the early morning and nights of those hot summer days, LM bass just don’t want to exert the energy on a fast moving topwater lure during the peek of the day. Can you really blame them? There is however… ...Read More