How to Read a Fish Finder

Here is a a fantastic video brought to us by Wired2Fish on how to read a fish finder. This is one area where I need some serious help, and have the most questions. I am sure I’m not alone. This video explains allot. If your thinking about buying a fish finder with all these newer technologies like down and/or side imaging, definitely watch this video. This video is great because not only do it show and explain what your’e seeing on the screen, it also shows overhead drone footage and underwater footage which really paints a solid picture for those with limited or no experience. Awesome video guys, Thanks!


2 thoughts on “How to Read a Fish Finder

  1. Very interesting and the visuals helped a lot. Since I only have the old fashioned type FF, looking at DI and SI helped me to understand the use and attraction of those devices.

    One thing that I noted was the number of times that the presenter was ONLY looking at his screen, and not where the boat was going. I know his speed was minimal, but just read yesterday about a fisherman almost getting run over by a pro who blasted out of a channel looking down at his screen. Nearly ran the poster over and never even knew it. It’s easy to become transfixed by the screens, whether it is out phone; depthfinder; or computer. richg99

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