I have a Dream…..Jon Boat Tournaments

I know what your thinking, but it’s not like that. This dream is a little different. Hear me out and I think you might agree that my idea could take off with a little effort. I would love to start a national jon boat tournament series. Thats it, plain and theoretically simple. BASS started small, FLW started big (they had the money). I envision a “local” club trail and season with the team with the most points based on a set of standard rules that every team must follow. Example of this would be a 3 fish limit per team, and 4 hour Tournaments. The person in charge of the jon boat club would be responsible for rules, regulations and a point system.. At the end of the season, they would send their best “team” to a regional event, and then hopefully we can a have a TinBoats.net Classic, to determine the Jon boat fishing champ.


Ok back to reality for a bit. Let’s start to organize and think small. Let’s get your club signed up on the forum so we can get some exposure and get people excited about the idea of having Tournaments for the “little guy” who cant afford a big glass rig, doesn’t have the time or the Money to invest into tournament fishing. The idea is a cool one, but very rough around the edges. I will need lots of help to get this off the ground, but if it takes off it will be very cool.



Please contact me at admin@tinboats.net or PM me via the forum if you have any thoughts, comments, or questions. I will need your input on this for sure.





One thought on “I have a Dream…..Jon Boat Tournaments

  1. I love the idea. I am on the East coast of Florida and have been searching for a true jon boat tournament club. We have one in Orlando that calls itself a jon boat club but definately a big boat club. Look for my email coming soon.

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