JDBaits Perfection

JDBaits perfection! If I had to choose one color and one color only for the rest of my fishing career I would choose red shad without a doubt. This is the color I have had the most success with and the color I am most confident using. DennyB sent me these picture of the red shad he has perfected. I must say I am impressed. I cannot wait to get them in my hands. Below are pictures of the 5-inch stick and the 10-inch bass killing ribbon tail worm in the red shad color.


JDBaits plastics have taken many a pig bass. If your a member of the forum just check out the fishing reports. If your not a member, the best you can see are the fish pics on the JDBaits.com website. Below is proof that these baits catch big bass. Our very own Captain Ahab catches a monster using a JDBaits worm.

Ordering is simple. Send Denny an email telling him what you want and what color, wait for a total, pay, a few days later a nice package of freshly made hand poured baits show up at your door. I like this method of ordering because It is fast and easy. This is a shameless plug, but I want you to know that just like you I pay for ALL my baits and never take any for free. I have nothing to gain or lose, but you do. The fish of a life time is in reach, you just need the right worms to get you there and they are waiting for you at JDBaits.com.

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