Jet Jon Build

TinBoats has some seriously talented forum members who do wonders on their boats. TinBoats member SC Designs did a Jet Jon build out of a 16/48 Track with a 145 HP jet ski motor. Insane? YES!  Awesome? YES!

Never heard of the concept of the “Jet Jon”? Basically what you do is you take a tin boat and you marry it to a jet ski motor. Crazy right?  I love this kind of ingenuity.There is even a facebook page dedicated to those that do these types of mods.

Start With This:

End With This Jet Jon Build:

On The Water…….

Check out the full build by clicking HERE. If you have any questions, join the free forum and ask away. The members are always willing to point you in the right direction as this is a friendly, family oriented site.

Build Link: SC Designs Jet Jon Build


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