Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion

If you are looking to do a Jon boat to bass boat conversion and do not know where to begin, look no further. There is nothing more satisfying than taking an empty shell boat and making it your own custom boat. Grab a drink and park yourself in front of the screen and watch this series of videos from Decked out Jon Boats on Youtube. Make sure to subscribe to the youtube channel. With enough research you can find anything on the net, but I will bring it to you. Here is video number one in a series of well put together videos.

Decked Out Jon Boats

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Don’t forget that Tinboats has the largest boat conversion index on the internet, and you can check out 100’s of projects on the forum here. If your looking for a simple repair or a full blown modification, join the forum.¬†Do a little research and the loyal members will point you in the right direction.

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