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I think the Lowrance Hook2 might find itself on my boat. To be honest, I don’t want to spend allot of coin on a fishfinder. Secondly and more importantly I don’t want to spend hours learning how to use it. That’s my biggest turn-off about buying all these feature rich electronics. I just want to turn the unit on and have it work automatically. Is that too hard to ask? I think Lowrance has come up with the solution in the Lowrance Hook2.

News from Lowrance: Hook2

Tulsa, Okla. – Lowrance®, a world-leading brand in fishing electronics since 1957, announced today the new HOOK2 series of fishfinders/chartplotters, delivering a new standard for ease of use and affordability.

 At the heart of the world’s easiest-to-use HOOK2 fishfinder/chartplotter series is Lowrance Autotuning sonar – a new, game-changing solution that actively corrects sonar settings for the clearest underwater view. Now, anglers can spend more time fishing and less time making manual adjustments to their sonar settings. Most models will also feature full navigational capability and pre-loaded, high-detail mapping HOOK2 is not only easy to use, it’s also a powerful performer on the water. Anglers can cover more water in less time with 2X wider sonar coverage with new Lowrance wide-angle Broadband SounderTM and CHIRP sonar – providing more sonar coverage of most fishfinders on the market today. SideScan and DownScan ImagingTM complete the HOOK2 sonar arsenal on select models, ensuring anglers can view life-like images of fishing-holding structure to both sides and below the boat.

The new HOOK2 series will be available in three easy-to-install, value-priced sonar categories to meet every angler’s needs – 3-in-1 sonar with High CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging; 2-in-1 sonar with High CHIRP and DownScan Imaging; and proven Broadband SounderTM, respectively known as TripleShotTM, SplitShotTM and Bullet. Bullet 4-inch have an eye-catching, new wide-screen design, providing additional detailed sonar history versus vertical 4-inch display models.

HOOK2 fishfinder/chartplotters will be offered in 12-, 9-, 7-, 5- and 4-inch display sizes, and most models will also feature full navigational capability and pre-loaded, high-detail mapping with 1-foot contours of more than 3,000 U.S lakes. HOOK2 coastal models will be available with a US/Canada Navionics® Nav+ mapping card.

HOOK2 fishfinder-only models – with the exception of the sonar-only HOOK2 4x Bullet – include a built-in GPS Plotter (without charts) for saving waypoints, following trails and navigating to favorite fishing spots.

“With HOOK2, our goal was to capture the spirit of the Lowrance customer who values enhanced sonar and imaging, simple controls and clear displays – all at an extremely competitive price,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. “From Autotuning sonar settings, wide-angle sonar with double the coverage of most fishfinders and the easiest-to-use, push-button design, HOOK2 combines powerful performance and simplicity into a fishfinder every angler will love.”

Ranging in price from $99 to $1,499 and scheduled for December 2017 delivery, the HOOK2 fishfinder/chartplotter will be sold by authorized Lowrance dealers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada.

HOOK2 Model Pricing

HOOK2 12 TripleShot $1,499 HOOK2 9 TripleShot $799 HOOK2 7 TripleShot $599 HOOK2 7x TripleShot GPS Plotter $499 HOOK2 5 TripleShot $399 HOOK2 9 SplitShot $699

HOOK2 Model Pricing

HOOK2 7 SplitShot $499 HOOK2 7x SplitShot GPS Plotter $399 HOOK2 5 SplitShot $299 HOOK2 5x SplitShot GPS Plotter $229 HOOK2 4x Bullet GPS Plotter $119 HOOK2 4x Bullet $99

For more information on HOOK2 or the entire Lowrance line of marine electronics or to locate an authorized Lowrance dealer, please visit www.lowrance.com.

My Thoughts

I’m in the market for a new fishfinder for my boat. I don’t want anything too fancy or expensive. It needs to have down/side imaging, and it needs to be fairly easy to use. I don’t want to read through a thick book or watch a million tutorials. I just want to get out there and fish! The Lowrance Hook2 looks like the top contender as of today. I am really interested in what you are using on your boat.

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