Minn Kota Ulterra

The Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor is a state-of-the-art electric trolling motor designed to simplify boat control. Picture a trolling motor that features things like fully automated stow and deploy, wireless remotes, GPS functionality and more. This is not your grandpas old trolling motor, those days are long gone. I want it, I can’t afford it. Santa? Are you listening?


Ulterra Features

  • Auto Stow & Deploy
  • Power Trim
  • Ulterra Foot Pedal
  • Ulterra i-Pilot or i-Pilot link
  • Digital Maximizer
  • Universal Sonar 2
  • AutoPilot
  • 80 or 112 LBS. pounds of thrust
  • Weedless Wedge 2 prop
  • 2 year Warranty

I’m not going to go over every feature but I will mention the couple that caught my eye. I like the new Ulterra foot pedal. The new foot pedal has buttons that will let you stow & deploy the trolling motor, and allow you to to trim it up and down depending on the water conditions. In addition to the standard steering and speed controls, you can active the “Spot-Lock” button which will keep you where you are. This feature is huge if you fish waters with current or if it’s really windy and what not.


Another feature that caught my eye was the i-Pilot. The i-Pilot is just off the hook awesome. For those of you who are late to the game(like me most times), the i-Pilot is a wireless remote that allows you to stow, deploy, steer, set up cruise control and use a feature called  AutoPilot that will let you run in place or run across a desired pointed line.



Whether you are a regular fisherman, weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, you are sure to maximize your time and minimize inability in controlling a boat manually. The Minn Kota Ulterra is not cheap. Be prepared to spend around a couple of grand for it.  For those that want the very best, this is it in my opinion.

Finally, Check out the video to see the stow & deploy in action. It’s very cool!


For more detailed information, you can follow this link:


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