Ultimate jon boat to bass boat build

Very cool YouTube video of an Ultimate jon boat to bass boat build by TinBoats member Deckedoutjonboats. This video not only shows the build of the boat, but also some cool towing and fishing footage. If you have any questions about the build you can message him on the forum or find him on Facebook at the Decked out Jon Boats page.… ...Read More

River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait Giveaway!

Let’s start 2018 off in the right direction. The winner of the original Double Plopper Giveaway never responded, so it’s time to try and give this one away again. Same rules as last time, If you are new  to the TinBoats world or just seeing this, here you go…………… Round 2…….Fight! It is time for another… ...Read More

Bass Tracker Heritage

The Bass Tracker Heritage is here. With a price Tag that hovers around the 10k mark, dreams of owning an aluminum bass boat will become a reality for many. Check out this YouTube video of the Bass Tracker Heritage. What are your thoughts?  Is the Bass Tracker Heritage going to be a winner? Will this be a boat that you see on every body of water in a few years? Leave your… ...Read More

What’s on the Christmas list this year?

It’s that time of year, Christmas is around the corner and some of us northern folk have put our boats away for the winter. We make it through the winter by looking at stuff online and mentally in our minds, start buying stuff for next year which starts at Christmas. What’s on your list this year, or what do you plan on buying next for your fishing and boating… ...Read More

Car in a lake

There is something to be said about these new Fishfinders with down and side imaging and what not. People are finding all sorts of stuff, including vehicles, planes and even helping authorities with searching for dead bodies. Imagine what the future can bring. Check out this video from TinBoats member deckedoutjonboats to see what he found. I love this stuff!… ...Read More