24 volt wiring

I got permission to use this article from Mark, the guy that wrote the article about 24 volt wiring.  This is a basic how to wire a 24 volt trolling motor. I want to thank him for allowing me to repost it here. I hope it helps some of you out. He Goes by Gama on BillsBait.com forum………Enjoy! This is a post that I wrote for Mr. Stratos when he was doing… ...Read More

Boat Cover Support

This is an article for Boat Cover Support. Here at TinBoats I can honestly say we have some of the best forward thinkers out there. They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Member SVOMike86 needed to come up with a way to support his boat cover. A little research on the internet and he found what he needed. SVOMike86 does not remember where he… ...Read More

Think Tank Lures Triggerfish

A while back I saw a video of a lure that put me in awe. The lure is made from Think Tank Lures and it is called the triggerfish. I knew I had to get my hands on this lure. The issue was that they were still in development. Well, today I got an email from Ian Scott the president of Think Tank lures letting me know that they are now available. If this is not a lure to have in your… ...Read More

Mattlures U2 Gill

Just got an email that Matt has released a newer smaller ultimate bluegill called the Mattlures U2 Gill. These baits look incredible and come in two versions, a sinker and a floater. The picture of the baits in the fish tank is awesome. If that blue gill suspends like that I can just imagine the blowups that you can get from it. I was reading the description on the Mattlures… ...Read More

On-board Grill

I sometimes come across things that members do that simply amaze me or just plain give me a chuckle. This idea is pure genius. How do you cap the absolute perfect fishing day? By cooking a couple of burgers or dogs on your on-board grill, that’s how. TinBoats member yankefan100 had the right idea when it came to hooking up his boat with all the comforts of home.… ...Read More

Custom Center Console

Here at TinBoats, we have some of the most skilled members doing incredible modifications and projects to their boats like this custom center console. Below is another example. TinBoats member rook used his creative mind to build a one of a kind center console that just is awesome. You have to see it for your self. What started out as this: Ended up like this: As… ...Read More