Shimano Scorpion XT

I am a Shimano guy. That is all I need to say. I have tried them all, but I keep on going back to my trusty Shimano Scorpion XT reels. I am really a fan of the Japanese models that we can get from certain Vendors and ebay. The price might be a little more, but once in your hand you can tell why. The new Shimano Scorpion XT caught my eye and it will be part of the arsenal one day.… ...Read More

TinBoats happenings

The April Photo contest had members be a little creative while having some fun, and member MeanMouth was declared the winner with his “Cranks gone Wild” shot. The May photo contest is underway and this months theme revolves around “dock Shots”. Read about it and get involved, a killer highly sought-after prize will be rewarded! Nice… ...Read More

Musky Fishing Basics

Musky, they’re the so-called “fish of 10,000 casts”. A native of North America, these fish are highly sought after game fish. They are known for being a primarily northern species, located in such places as Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada. But the fact is they can be found in several other states, some which include Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky,… ...Read More

Fish Attractor

I came up with an idea for creating a fish attractor that hopefully would do two things: Provide shade and provide protection for fish spawning. I read about spawning benches and contacted several people about the dimensions of the benches and learned that anywhere from twelve inches to eighteen inches worked well.… ...Read More

Catching Bass…some very good presentations

Here is an article on catching bass and some very good presentations. Here are some presentations and tactics using a bait I call a zoomie developed by a fishing buddy and my wife as well as myself. We have caught a lot of bass using the following methods. I start with a package of Zoom Speed Worms in Watermelon/Red. I cut off the tails at the narrowest part of the worm.… ...Read More

Converting Transom Mount to Bow Mount

Converting a transom mount trolling motor to a bow mount trolling motor is a very common question with good reason. As the cost of bow mount trolling motors are through the roof, many of us are modding jon boats as a low budget alternative that allows us to fish just as well as pricier rigs. The process is actually very simple. On most transom mount Minn Kotas, if you… ...Read More