I have a Dream…..Jon Boat Tournaments

I know what your thinking, but it’s not like that. This dream is a little different. Hear me out and I think you might agree that my idea could take off with a little effort. I would love to start a national jon boat tournament series. Thats it, plain and theoretically simple. BASS started small, FLW started big (they had the money). I envision a “local”… ...Read More

14 ft Ryan Craft Mod

TinBoats.net member Victor Coar decided it was time to modify his plain old Ryan Craft V-boat into a lean mean fishing machine. The satisfaction of completing a project like this is incredible. By taking on a project like this you learn a few things on the Way. Victor will be the first to tell you what paint not to use when painting a boat. Undertaking a project like… ...Read More

Boat Carpeting Project

For this boat carpeting project, or any boat with multiple cuts involved, I highly recommend doing the carpet in sections. It makes it a lot easier to cut and place the different sections where you want them, instead of wrestling a huge piece that may be end-up out of whack at the other end. I basically did three sections (fwd deck, mid-deck, rear deck), and the storage… ...Read More


Tinboats.net is ┬áthe number one website for anything having to do with aluminum boats. If you are planning a jon boat conversion, jon boat modification, or just want to talk about anything that floats your boat, you have come to the right place.… ...Read More