Trailer Tips

This article is all about trailer tips. Judging from the number of questions I see on various message boards, it seems that trailer setup is a common problem among boat owners. And, a lot of anglers refuse to take the boat on short trips, because it is not worth the trouble that is required to launch and retrieve the boat after each trip. Given what this site is geared… ...Read More

Topwater Frog Fishing

In the hot and humid dog days of summer most anglers do not associate this weather pattern with topwater frog fishing. While topwater lures can be extremely effective in the early morning and nights of those hot summer days, LM bass just don’t want to exert the energy on a fast moving topwater lure during the peek of the day. Can you really blame them? There is however… ...Read More

I have a Dream…..Jon Boat Tournaments

I know what your thinking, but it’s not like that. This dream is a little different. Hear me out and I think you might agree that my idea could take off with a little effort. I would love to start a national jon boat tournament series. Thats it, plain and theoretically simple. BASS started small, FLW started big (they had the money). I envision a “local”… ...Read More

14 ft Ryan Craft Mod member Victor Coar decided it was time to modify his plain old Ryan Craft V-boat into a lean mean fishing machine. The satisfaction of completing a project like this is incredible. By taking on a project like this you learn a few things on the Way. Victor will be the first to tell you what paint not to use when painting a boat. Undertaking a project like… ...Read More

Boat Carpeting Project

For this boat carpeting project, or any boat with multiple cuts involved, I highly recommend doing the carpet in sections. It makes it a lot easier to cut and place the different sections where you want them, instead of wrestling a huge piece that may be end-up out of whack at the other end. I basically did three sections (fwd deck, mid-deck, rear deck), and the storage… ...Read More