Pflueger Lady President Reel

I picked up the new style Pflueger lady president reel for my wife to match with the beautiful Jase Shadow spinning rod I got at the local sports show over the winter. Now, some of you might ask why I would pair up a $60 reel with such an awesome rod? The answer is quite simple, the Pflueger President Reel is a great reel for the price range. Check out all the online retailers and reviews, and you will say they rate highly. To be honest, I really don’t take care of my stuff. A quick  dab of oil or grease and then a wipe down and I’m usually good to go.

Did I get a lemon?

I was super excited to get this combo ready and setup for my wife but out of the box this reel was not as smooth as all my other Presidents. I don’t think any changes were made except cosmetics but it does not feel right. I took it apart, wiped it off and then re-lubed it like i normally do and it feels the same. The reel works fine, it’s just not that same Pflueger signature feel i get from all my others. I have used the reel 2-3 times now and I was hoping for a break-in period, but I guess not.

Will I buy another Pflueger reel……absolutely!  Maybe I will just skip the color coordination and stick with the good old fashioned non-ladies model. Sorry ladies! 😉

Have you had similar experience with your Pflueger reel?  Any thought on what I can try to make this reel smooth like my others?  It has to be a free/cheap solution as the reel cost me less then $60 bucks. I’m not going to sink allot of money into it.

2 thoughts on “Pflueger Lady President Reel

  1. I bought my first President reel week or so ago from Cabela’s based on the reviews like you mention. Like you it works fine, and is smooth, just not as smooth as I was expecting. For comparison, my favorite budget spinning reel a Shimano Sienna and it is considerably smoother and is only about $30. I’d be interested to know if it needs some extra oil somewhere or if it possibly will get smoother over time. I still really like the reel, but I would buy another $30 Sienna hands down in the future.

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