Pflueger Lady President Reel

I picked up the new style Pflueger lady president reel for my wife to match with the beautiful Jase Shadow spinning rod I got at the local sports show over the winter. Now, some of you might ask why I would pair up a $60 reel with such an awesome rod? The answer is quite simple, the Pflueger President Reel is a great reel for the price range. Check out all the online retailers and reviews, and you will say they rate highly. To be honest, I really don’t take care of my stuff. A quick  dab of oil or grease and then a wipe down and I’m usually good to go.

Did I get a lemon?

I was super excited to get this combo ready and setup for my wife but out of the box this reel was not as smooth as all my other Presidents. I don’t think any changes were made except cosmetics but it does not feel right. I took it apart, wiped it off and then re-lubed it like i normally do and it feels the same. The reel works fine, it’s just not that same Pflueger signature feel i get from all my others. I have used the reel 2-3 times now and I was hoping for a break-in period, but I guess not.

Will I buy another Pflueger reel……absolutely!  Maybe I will just skip the color coordination and stick with the good old fashioned non-ladies model. Sorry ladies! 😉

Have you had similar experience with your Pflueger reel?  Any thought on what I can try to make this reel smooth like my others?  It has to be a free/cheap solution as the reel cost me less then $60 bucks. I’m not going to sink allot of money into it.

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