Pflueger President Limited Edition

As you know I am a big fan of the Pflueger President reel. You can read about my review of this workhorse of a reel here. While doing some research for a new reel on Pfluegers site I ran across the Pflueger President Limited Edition reel. I loved the colors of it, and the price point was exactly where I wanted to be. A limited edition reel for $20 more than the usual price tag? What was I getting for the addiotnal coin? Directly from the Pflueger site:

The President Limited Edition spinning reel is available only in 2016 so get yours while you can. These reels take the President® to the next level of performance. They are lighter and faster with a high-speed gear ratio. Featuring an aluminum main shaft, aluminum pinion gear, sealed drag, carbon fiber handle and custom laser engraving.

Pflueger President Limited Edition

Pflueger President Limited Edition

– 10 Bearing System*

– Aluminum Main Shaft (30% lighter than Stainless Steel)

– Aluminum Pinion Gear (60% lighter than traditional brass gear)

– Braid Ready Spool (Allows braid to be ties directly to spool)

– Sealed Drag (Sealed system, always lubricated, always smooth)

– Carbon Handle (21% lighter than aluminum)

– Rosewood Handle Knob (Classic handle knob design)

5 models to choose from

PRESLESP20X; Mono 100 yds./4 lb; Braid 125 yds/6 lb; Max Drag 6 lb; GR 5.2:1; IPT 20.7”

PRESLESP25X: Mono 110 yds./4 lb; Braid 140 yds/6 lb; Max Drag 6 lb; GR 5.2:1; IPT 22.4”

PRESLESP30X: Mono 145 yds./6 lb; Braid 190 yds/8 lb; Max Drag 9 lb; GR 6.2:1; IPT 31”

PRESLESP35X: Mono 185 yds./8 lb; Braid 220 yds/10 lb; Max Drag 10 lb; GR 6.2:1; IPT 35”

PRESLESP40X: Mono 230 yds./10 lb; Braid 280 yds/14 lb; Max Drag 12 lb; GR 6.2:1; IPT 38”

*PRESLE20 is a 7 bearing system

Final Thoughts

Is it worth the $20? Sure why not. Will it help you catch more fish? No! I am going to order one and put it through it’s paces. If it is anything like the regular President, it will be a winner for sure. Let me know if you have one or are planning to pick one up in the near future. One final thing to note, in the description field on the Pflueger fishing site they incorrectly state that the main shaft is Titanium, it is not. The shaft is aluminum. I sent an email off to customer support and they responded the next day stating they would escalate the finding to the correct people.


Amazon Link: Pflueger President Limited Edition

8 thoughts on “Pflueger President Limited Edition

  1. I have a regular president reel and have been using it in saltwater but I am affraid to damage it with salt. Since this special edition seems to have a sealed drag, is it good for saltwater?

    1. This reel is corrosion resistant so you’ll be fine I use mine in saltwater offshore and works great I have not had any problems

  2. I own several Pflueer President reels in multiple sized and they are my favorite go to spinning reel for the trout/walleye fishing that I do where I do it. I was excited by the Limited Edition and looked at several at my local big box outdoors store, and I was not impressed. It seemed like there was a little creep in the anti reverse and the bail did not flip easily using the handle alone. This is not consistent with the President reels that I own, nor was it consistent with the other President reels in the store, just the Limited Edition ones. I chose not to buy one.

  3. Recently purchased one of these from Bass Pro. They were running a sale that included one of their store brand rods. I really don’t care for the rod, but absolutely love the President Limited edition reel. I plan on getting a nice rod for the President and putting a cheapo reel on the Bass Pro rod as a spare.

  4. Do you spool your president counter clockwise like most spinning reels or clockwise? My brother has the 25 model and is having issues with the line tangling up in the spool. I spool it for him and am very experienced spooling bait casters and spinning reels. Obviously not difficult. But I was just wondering if maybe this reel spools clockwise. A reply would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. I find I have issues when I use mono line. A technique that does work but is sort of a pain is to fill the spool with the line, run it through the rod eyes, then with NOTHING tied on let all the line out the back of the boat as you troll or motor slowly away. When all the line is out, reel it back in and you should be good to go without any line twists. Hope this answered your question.

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