River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait Giveaway!

Let’s start 2018 off in the right direction. The winner of the original Double Plopper Giveaway never responded, so it’s time to try and give this one away again. Same rules as last time, If you are new  to the TinBoats world or just seeing this, here you go……………

Round 2…….Fight!

It is time for another giveaway here on TinBoats.net. This time I’m giving away a River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait. I am still in awe that The River2Sea whopper Plopper spawned a loyal following like I have never seen before. There is even a dedicated facebook page to this lure! Not to rest on their heels, River2Sea then goes out and launches a Buzzbait like no other!  The Double Plopper is born…………

Product Info

This is taken from the horses mouth (Directly from the River2sea website)

If you like the original Whopper Plopper you will love the new Double Plopper!  Just imagine a lure with not one, but two counter rotating plopper blades to create twice the magic plopper sound!

Plus, it’s almost totally weedless even in the thickest cover, is a deadly hooker, can be fished at speeds from a burn to a crawl, AND EVEN A DEAD STOP because IT FLOATS!

Twin arms split and separate vertical cover like reeds, emergent weeds or brush tops without getting hung up, leaving behind an irresistible double bubble trail.

Creep and crawl it over mats, plop and stop it in the pockets, slow roll it down the alleys or bomb and buzz it over weed or stump flats. Plus, you can stop and go, twitch and burp and any other combination of triggers not available in other weedless buzz baits because they don’t float.

You might call it a floating double buzzer whopper plopper. Great fished with a soft plastic trailer or with an added stinger hook for short strikers. The Double Plopper  just might be the most versatile surface lure you’ve ever used.

Check out this quick Underwater video from our friends over at Wired2Fish!

The TinBoats Giveaway

I was at Dicks sporting goods buying some doe pee for deer hunting when I walked by the fishing section (Like I always do no matter why I go there). This lure caught my eye and I picked one up to give away. You read that correctly, I purchased one with my own money and I’m giving it away. I don’t have one myself, and I have never fished the double plopper. I’m a big fan of the whopper plopper, so I’m assuming that this one will be a winner too. Like 99% of the giveaways here on TinBoats, I use my own money. If products are given to me, I state that in the giveaway. I hide nothing.

ANYWAY, on to the giveaway……..

All you need to do is reply with “IN” below. That’s all. Like I always have done, I will use Random.org to pick the winner. Don’t worry about your email address, I only use it to communicate with you about the contest. I don’t sell them, I don’t spam you…nothing. 

The Giveaway starts today and will end on January 7, 2018. What’s a better way to start the year off right by winning a River2sea Double Plopper. 

Good luck to all, Thanks for playing!  

My only ask is you join our free forum and like us on Facebook so you can keep up to date with all things aluminum, and you can keep up with all my cool giveaways. 2018 is going to be epic with the giveaways.

Happy New Year all,


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