School Master Jigs

I like buying custom hand made baits from the little independant tackle maker. I am a member at the BaitJunkys Forum and love checking out the work these guys do. I made a pledge to not buy big-box store baits anymore and only try to support the little guys.  Which brings me to some nice looking Jigs I was able to buy from Eric from School Master Tackle. I purchased a bunch to give away on the forum, so if you are a participating member be on the lookout at a chance of getting your hands on some of these jigs.

I love the packaging. The jigs come in a hard plastic clam case. The label is simple and clear.

What was a nice surprise not seen by most bait makers is the included trailer. How awesome is that? If you are new to jigs this is huge. With so many questions about what rod, reel, technique and line to use, it is nice to know that a matching trailer is included and you will get a good idea what to use going forward. Kudos to you Eric, nice touch!

Lastly I tried to take the best picture I could with my iPhone to show you what a nice job he does with the tie for the skirt. It is hand tied obviously and perfect form. This in itself is a time consuming process not just thrown together by machine in a factory. I cannot wait to fool a 5 pounder on one of these jigs in the thickest of stuff on my local waters.  If you are looking to buy some jigs, I urge you to support the litte bait makers like Eric by clicking on his link above. If you have any questions about jig fishing, ask away on our forum or even contact Eric direct through facebook or on the Baitjunkys forum.

Im a big fan and hope to catch some big fish this year using jigs made from School Master Tackle.