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    Cleaning Aluminum

    Hello I have a 2013 Tracker 175 that I bought used. Boat is in wonderful condition; however, I have a pretty dirty hull. I am trying to clean this WITHOUT a straight acid (sulfuric, muriatic, Purple Power, etc). I am not afraid of a little elbow grease to get this clean. Anyone have any...
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    Potential Jon Boat Owner

    I bought it. Ended up being a 1974 Sears 61813 Jon Boat. It was obviously aluminum. Sears emblem still on the side, capacity plate still readable inside. Took it home and washed it up last night. GREAT find -- proud to be part of the Jon Boat community now.
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    Potential Jon Boat Owner

    Hello - thanks for the add. Hopefully, tonight I will be the owner of a Jon boat. I have been around boats my entire life, currently the owner of a bass boat, wave runner and rowboat. I ran across a lady selling a jon boat in a neighboring town of mine for $100.00. It's 12' so its perfect...