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  1. Vader809

    Used outboards

    I was looking for a used outboard 9.9 hp. People are asking for just shy of new one. A 1990 two stroke Johnson, asking 1,800.00!? I tried to get a price on a new Tohatsu online and they wanted your entire personal history, so they can blow up your phone. Might not be a good time for getting...
  2. Vader809

    Down the Humminbird Aby$$

    No, they came out with BT I pilot link about a year and a half later.
  3. Vader809

    Filling screw holes

    Thanks! That's a great idea. I used to work in a steel mill and I have a few small pieces of steel that just perfect for that.
  4. Vader809

    Down the Humminbird Aby$$

    I have a gen one Terrova 80 and I don't think it's compatible with installing i-pilot link,also have a gen one HB 9si,and gen three 7di. I'm not going into debt just to have a better system. It's nice, but not 5k nice!
  5. Vader809

    Is This A Good Beginner Rebuild?

    That's a good sized boat. Not a quick rebuild. If you're wanting on the water, fix whatever it needs and then move on to other problems. I'd check the flooring and what's under it.
  6. Vader809

    Filling screw holes

    Aluminum. Maybe 1/4"&1/8" screw and bolt holes.
  7. Vader809

    Filling screw holes

    I have some holes that I want to fill, they are above the water line, and I'd like to fill them in because previous owners had many objects attached. I'm wanting to paint the sides, I'm not fond of battle ship gray. Any advice is appreciated.
  8. Vader809

    Lithium Battery Question - 50AH LiFeP04 for a 55# thrust Minn Kota?

    I find it hard to believe the biggest majority of reviews on Amazon. If I really trusted the third party, I would buy from their stores. However some are pushing the Patreon factor by just letting you see a sped up clip. I purchased a Miller tech 12 volt 33 amp just for my electronics and I am...
  9. Vader809

    Lithium Battery Question - 50AH LiFeP04 for a 55# thrust Minn Kota?

    I have a Terrova 24 volt and some places are saying that I two 100 amp hour,and others two 65 amp hours. And at roughly $800 each or more, I'm very leery of dropping that kind of money. But I did get a 12 volt 33 amp hour lifepo for my electronics at$249.99 and I consider that a good deal. Some...
  10. Vader809

    Aluminum deck frame

    I used1/8" and 1/4" for critical areas. I have 3/4" and 1 1/4" for the same reason. I even use Square tube for more support, especially if I am standing on it. Good luck.
  11. Vader809

    Boat cover

    Any dyi boat cover ideas out there?
  12. Vader809

    Bandsaw question(s)

    I would stay away from the big box store bench top model. You want one with sturdy table that will take a fence, because all that comes with those models, is a flimsy and sloppy little plastic fence. You don't want the table to move when putting a bit of pressure on it.
  13. Vader809

    One man saves a lake..

    I've read about Nano bubbles in an article about waste water treatment. It does do what the companies says, but the cost is very expensive. There are places that use it and their views are mixed about getting the money approved, due to the fact some of the people feel like it's comming out of...
  14. Vader809


    Thanks. I received injections and seems to work so far.
  15. Vader809


    I have had many hobbies over the years and many of those are hard to put down, after many years. Woodworking, electrical of any type, welding also of many types. As I am getting older, physically, I see many things differently. And teaching the basic Trade skills to younger people is another...
  16. Vader809

    Max hp

    I've heard this from plenty of people. To get the results from your outboard and boat, max the horse power the boat is rated for. Is this really something that I should consider? Or the fact that most of the lakes in my area are limited to 10 hp, is more of a hindrance?
  17. Vader809

    12' Crestliner Rebuild

    You did a great job on your boat. How long have you been working on it?
  18. Vader809

    The Monkees

    They were fun to watch. They were a form of comic relief for many of us. A time when finding your way through life was not a big deal.
  19. Vader809


    I am a member on many sites and one topic that is popular at this time of the year, is hacking bank accounts. Most attempts are for under one dollar. These are Phishing attempts. If successful they will continue, and buy whatever they like. If you use a Debit card proof of a wrongful transaction...