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    Explorer, hunting, fishing boat loaded with extras

    2015 Tracker Grizzly 1648-SC -- This boat comes from tracker with a deck, flooring, and side console. Includes trailer. Everything on the boat is camouflage. Including a canopy. There are two outboards, a 2015 Mercury 9.9hb and a 2010 Yamaha F25. Both with power tilt. Both low hours and...
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    Dashboard II

    You can also print on water slide decals then clear coat them.
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    Plug through hole in transom from aerator pump

    I used two fender washers and a 1/4" bolt. Use some sealer. No issues for year for me.
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    But that anchor chain isn't going to roll up on a Deckhand. So it defeats the whole point of having the Deckhand. I'm interested in feed back on the anchor style
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    Maximum Outboard Setback

    I have a Tracker 1648 and a 6" setback was like adding 50 pounds (about 20-25% of the motor weight) to the stern. I took it off. When you shift that weight back it changes the center of gravity and the boat significantly squats deeper in the rear. I would assume 11" is twice that. You may...
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    Deck question

    For me its a weight issue. Treated wood is heavy. You need the least weight possible. I just went with 1/8 aluminum sheet. For the pedestal -- How far back as you want it. Its more of a support verse comfort level. Pedestal is a lever and magnifies stress.
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    Ring terminals

    So did you find out why they are a benefit? What was it?
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    What size rivet nuts??

    The aluminum ones seem to get loose easier, because the metal bends easier and gets loose. The aluminum ones also gall/seize easier especially when older/slightly corroded. Between getting loose and seizing they can be very difficult to remove the bolt in the future. I'd recommend stainless...
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    Wiring interior lights (picture included)

    I have to agree with Gary. You aren't providing enough info or close enough pictures. Maybe find someone local to help you in person.
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    Comments regarding a post on re-entry steps/ladders

    It would be nice if your site had more detailed specifications. Measurements, open and closed. Pictures on different boats would be helpful too. I don't want to shell out $170 to see if it fits.
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    Tracker Grizzly PPG Paint Code

    I've been using Rust-Oleum 249069 Painter's Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, 12-Ounce, Satin Oregano on my tracker grizzly. (Amazon) It is satin but the closest I could find in a rattle can after trying every color I could find. I hit it with some 600 grit and flat clear to dull it out. Not...
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    I have the 1648 sc model with a Mercury pro kicker 9.9 and top speed is 6.8 mph by gps. The lake is a block from my house and limited to 9.9.
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    48in. x 12in. hatch door

    Tanks going to need a vent.
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    48in. x 12in. hatch door

    I had a hatch cover made here too. Real nice work.
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    Best GPS charts for inland lakes and waterways

    I use hunt maps and make my own charts using Humminbird's app.
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    Looking for Side Console

    Having just purchased a lot of sheet aluminum for a deck extension I can accurately say there is probably less than $120 in material and 8 hours work with a table saw and a tig welder to make the one in Ops picture.
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    Cut alum angle with miter?

    I use Diablo blades on both the miter saw and a table saw (for sheets). Works great. Be aware, sharp chips fly everywhere. Need goggles, gloves and a shirt. These chips are like tiny xacto blades.
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    I used ball pit balls.
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    Any Tablet users?

    When you're at a store, looking at tablets, have them take it outside and view it in daylight. I find the ipad is best, but worst for wanting it to do something outside what Apps have available. Windows tablets are easiest (for me) to program. But seem to be lacking screen wise for outside use.