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    July 2013 Member Monthly giveaway - UNCLAIMED!

    I'm sensing conspiracy, corruption and possibly aliens........ but hey, I'm up to season 7 straight through of the x-files on net flix. Congrats though!
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    Crawdad traps

    Dad and I always used dry dog food. The larger nuggets.
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    BassAddict;s new ride!

    thought it was a buick? Every time I see that movie, I have to watch "immortal beloved" where Valeria Golino does some topless scenes.... I'll never grow out of being a high school pervert. Edit-- see, I got caught up in the actress again and forgot about that original post caddy. oops
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    BassAddict;s new ride!

    Come on, you know you both secretly want it. Split the cost, buy it and treat it like a kid in a divorce. every other weekend and split the holidays.
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    Daughter got me 3 months Mystery Tackle box for Fathers day
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    3 pin Sterns pole light and base

    DOH! I'm a Homer, I missed the stern part. I was thinking of the bow light with the light that shines down towards the deck for convenience.
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    3 pin Sterns pole light and base

    "connect the bluw wire to the wire from the switch for the courtesy light. Use a wire connector to make the connection." I might be wrong but I read it to mean that you wire it to be hot the same as the other light. Is there a switch on the light itself to control the "courtesy" light?
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    Grandson where men are men and ANY mounted animal is scared.
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    bald cypress

    A friend was looking for a new tree to plant so I took a pic of one growing in my yard. Nothing special, I just liked the way it turned out.
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    guys with i-pilot remote

    Thought I'd do some preventive maintenance and replace the remote battery. Well it's true what I read on some other sites. Not all cr2450 batteries are the same. I'd have saved a couple of days if I had just bought the renata battery like it comes with. The number is cr2450N . Guess the...
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    See what my 11 year old made today.

    Looks pretty sharp! Do you topcoat on top of that or is that it?
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    Suspicious looking mole/bump

    That's funny, I see guys reach that spot all the time in movies that pop up on the internet. It's better when a girl looks for you though. Good news is mine was something called a "Dermatofibroma" which I'm still researching. Not skin cancer anyway so I'm happy. Now I need to get the...
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    The Plaid Shorts are back

    fixed it for you!
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    Thought I'd do a follow up post on the diabetics. How many units of insulin are some of you taking? The diabetes clinic doc had me on total of 80 units of lantus (40 morning/40night) and 90 units of Humalog (30,30,30). When I was at my regular doctor the other day he thought that was too...
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    Anchor Light Length

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I always thought it was called an anchor light because you only have it on while anchoring, not while underway?
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    Looking for economical source for components...

    That's where I got my 6 gauge to run the length of the boat plus it was nice that they will put the ends on too. (small fee)
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    Suspicious looking mole/bump

    Remember to use plenty of sunscreen, summers almost here. Had a suspicious mole/bump thing cut off my ankle yesterday so now I get to play the waiting game till the biopsy results come back. yay! Doctor said he didn't think it looked like a bad thing so I'm hoping he just wanted to milk the...
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    jon boats stability

    This fat guy here loves his 1860. Used to fish out of a very light 14'- 42" (maybe?) and about fell out a couple of times. It was a very old and flexible boat though. I was always taught as a kid not to stand up in the boat. Now in retrospect I suspect it was because my dad didn't want to...