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    Old Merc-o-Tronic tester info?

    Anybody ever got a clean schematic/ diagram to repair the old Merc-o-tronic testers? I actually started to try and DRAW one but the multi wafer rotary switches are a difficult row to hoe. (Model 98 / 98A etc?)
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    Current recommendations for vintage parts sources

    Thanks for the answers. Replies , though such as "ebay" are not that solid. I've found that many Chinesiums are selling so called carb kits, etc, and using OEM or Sierra numbers. I've now able to filter them by looking at the obviously poor quality parts in the...
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    Current recommendations for vintage parts sources

    Your answer is not what I'm asking. Things change and things have changed. Some of the suppliers 5 years ago aren't what they were or aren't there. What I really want to know is "where exactly" do you like to buy parts? People / companies you've had good luck with, including...
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    Installing depth finder

    In the last 2-3 years I've junked out SEVEN glas boats that I got cheap/ free for parts/ trailers/ motors, and they all suffered the same major problems. One is wood transom water damage, usually resulting from transom penetration due to accessories. I also bought (and need...
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    Current recommendations for vintage parts sources

    I have a number of vintage outboards in various states of repair / disrepair. Some things I've discovered, particulary Egag, is that importers using Sierra part numbers (example) have polluted "finding" parts even if you have a part number You guys have any "pet" suppliers, or...
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    Means of communications

    The recent bomb was an eye opener for me. About 25 years ago I worked for a Motorola outfit installing radio/ telco/ data gear for E911 dispatch, and did some tower work and mountain site work and installs I was under the impression that cell and other systems had backup/ alternate...
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    New Member Introductions!

    Hi, located in the N end of Idaho. I'm 72, mending broken ribs. My "short story" is I was born/ raised in a small town up here. When I was "a kid" my Dad was an auto parts guy for NAPA. Even though a parts store, the owner, a boater, held the Johnson franchise. My Dad along...
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    1979 15 HP Ted William's ( Eska ) lost spark

    I'm new here so hope this is not out of turn. Some time ago I found this, maybe it will help: I have "a small number" of broken/ parts/ need repair Eska/ Clinton outboards, and in fact just brought home a Clinton J500 tonight for 50...