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  1. Captain Ahab

    Steering help

    Thanks everyone I disconnected the cable at steeering box. The tube at motor is fine, the steering box is shot. Tried everything to get wheel off, frozen on shift. Sawzall did the trick. Waiting on parts, new wheel and box
  2. Captain Ahab

    Steering help

    My steering control box (the unit behind the wheel) is very stiff. Takes a lot to turn the wheel. Tried to pull the unit and cannot get the wheel off. I am afraid of doing damage to helm prying and banging. I am willing to just buy a new wheel and control unit and cut everything apart...
  3. Captain Ahab

    Another Surf Fishing Trip

    Thanks for reporting. I am dying to get out on the beach
  4. Captain Ahab

    Winter projects? Almost spring

    Anyone do anything cool to the boat or tackle while waiting for spring? I am repurposing my striper lures to chase muskie. Changing some hooks to thinner wire and repainting to trout patterns (just brush painting to change colors not fancy or nice) Mostly doing some magic swimmers and stick...
  5. Captain Ahab

    HDPE Plastic 4x8 sheets for decking

    I used it to deck out my 16' mirrocraft after originally using plywood. About the same weight. Covered with Overton deck grip paint. I am over aluminum bracing so no chance of rot ever. Much better then wood!
  6. Captain Ahab

    Jack Frost art

    I thought it was a a view of Jack Frost ski resort from a drone, lol
  7. Captain Ahab


    I had the plantar that one trip in Delaware - lasted about 2 weeks (Jim and his golf ball fixed it along with a few stretches). Never ever came back - weird. I hiked bar Harbor / Mt. Desert Island / Acadia many years ago in sneakers for a week - ouch! Bought good hikers (I think I got LL...
  8. Captain Ahab

    Limit of Rainbow Today

    Nice job - I have been trolling for trout as well, so far cannot get dialed in In the spring it was constant fish on the troll, no monsters but a good way to find them then stop and cast
  9. Captain Ahab

    13 years of Tin Boat fun

    Looking good Mr. Bug. I see a road trip to Ill in my future, lol And I see you got a Tinny - nice!
  10. Captain Ahab


    Don't go cheap on the hiking shoes - quality boots / shoes help so much And please, no posting photos of you doing Yoga :oops: [-X :sick:
  11. Captain Ahab

    Indiana lake

    Yellow bass? Look like white bass or hrbrids?
  12. Captain Ahab

    13 years of Tin Boat fun

    WV prayers for you. Been tooling around in my tin boat and catching On a muskie hunt now lol
  13. Captain Ahab

    Looking at a used boat - need some help

    Take the hydrofoil off. It just serves to slow ypu down. My BIL put one on my 25hp 16ft boat. When i took it off gained almost 5mph top end For 1k you did good with that boat
  14. Captain Ahab

    13 years of Tin Boat fun

    Thanks Dale. I isually do a trip to the cape in the spring / early summer and the Vineyard in the fall. Not this year though.... .
  15. Captain Ahab

    13 years of Tin Boat fun

    I have been a member here for 13 years Not as active anymore just due to less fishing mostly I am now living in NE Pa. Cooler weather but more smallmouth in lakes. Longer drive to the salt which sucks. Cheap land here so a plus Lots of changes for me and for Tin Boats still a great site...
  16. Captain Ahab

    Where to fish for snakeheads in Eastern Pa.

    Used to be in FDR park by the staduims I do not know if that is still true
  17. Captain Ahab

    Lake Baccarac Mexico

    Holy chit. That was awesome. Contact me to go next time Do they harvest the bass at all? Other species?
  18. Captain Ahab

    Corona Virus

    Everyone please stay safe and away from each other. Highly contagious is an understatement. Here in the northeast it looks grim
  19. Captain Ahab

    Custom rod advice

    I second the 2 piece idea You can cut down the handle but you will change the rod On your bike you may just want to angle your rod holders to reduce height. I did this for my 11 foot surf rods to fish cape cod Trees hate long rods lol. At night the trees lower thos branches on me all the time