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  1. devilmutt

    Top Water Frogs

    You're welcome. Love the Weed Demon!
  2. devilmutt

    1981 16’ Starcraft Seafarer Finished (New pics 6/5/12)

    No issues at all. I walk from front to back and side to side with no problems. I stand most of the time when I fish, run the trolling motor, and I've never felt like it was tippy. Most of the time I also have a little girl bouncing around in the back.
  3. devilmutt

    PVC Rod Rack

    the truck bed has rails on the sides and floor with movable tie down points, I plan to use these to secure the rack to the bed. as for the thieves :evil: , I always keep a close eye on my gear, and only stop at places that leave me a clear view of the vehicle and boat. I guess the chance is...
  4. devilmutt

    PVC Rod Rack

    I can't take credit for the idea, a Google search will reveal a lot of results.
  5. devilmutt

    PVC Rod Rack

    I used 1-1/4". Most of the rods still have a little play, but I do have some BPS rods with powerhump grips that are snug.
  6. devilmutt

    PVC Rod Rack

    Took the day off from work today and built a rod rack for the back of my truck, now I can get seven foot rods in my five foot truck bed. I plan to add a strip of carpet along the top where the rods make contact with the PVC.
  7. devilmutt

    1968 starcraft 14ft seafarer project

    Another great looking Starcraft!
  8. devilmutt

    Tow Rigs

    New tow rig, 2011 Suzuki Equator. I can't wait until Spring!
  9. devilmutt

    Join the NRA for Free....Sort of

    Thanks Jim.
  10. devilmutt

    ice is being made

    We spent seven hours on the water today in southern MN, I was cold all day. We put 6 bass in the boat with the biggest being 19", and one small pike. Two of the four lakes were so low we couldn't get the boat off the trailer. My boat goes to storage in the morning. :cry:
  11. devilmutt

    Rear deck fish finder?

    I have one on the rear deck to use while running the motor (tiller), and to see water temps.
  12. devilmutt

    Zombie Gun

    I've never paid much attention to people's opinions on firearms, most form their opinions without ever shooting the firearm. One of my two carry guns is a Taurus, another brand that get ran down all the time. My Taurus 24/7 Pro C has shot a few thousand rounds of ammo without any hiccups. My...
  13. devilmutt

    your favorite .22 ....rifle AND pistol

    This was given to me last weekend by my Grandfather, he purchased it new for $13.00. It is a Remington 511P (peep sight), the code on the barrel says it was manufactured in July 1946. In another 40 years it will belong to her. The only .22 pistol I have is a S&W 22A.
  14. devilmutt

    Zombie Gun

    It's heavy, ugly, and a Hi Point, but it should be a fun plinker. I hope to get to the range sometime this week. I had the ATI holographic sight and laser in the safe, the carbine with forward grip and extra mag was $303. Hi Point 995TSFG in 9mm.
  15. devilmutt

    16 foot starcraft build.

    Another Starcraft! =D>
  16. devilmutt

    Sufix 832

    OK, that make sense, I never use spinning reels when bass fishing.