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  1. redrum

    PSA: Outboard Jet Inner Seal

    I recently locked up the bearings in my Mercury 90/65 pump. I ordered a replacement bearing kit 429 directly from Specialty Manufacturing so I could rebuild the pump. When I got the kit I noticed the inner seal installed in the upper seal ring was installed opposite of the instructions that...
  2. redrum

    Fish finder recommendation

    It’s hard to get side imaging to work from the transom. Especially if you have a tunnel. All those extra parts and plates block the view to both sides. One side works fine. Forget getting sonar to work while on plane. Just mount it above the bottom of the hull and use it idling or trolling...
  3. redrum

    River boat mods

    Just sounds like a jet to me.
  4. redrum

    Custom Pods

    Don't forget about your transducer, if you run one, and how you'll mount it.
  5. redrum

    Center Console Cable Route

    My boat has a channel under the floor with all of the cables and wiring routed through it. When I moved my console forward I just extended the channel up to the front deck. All cables go straight down from the console and back out behind the back bench and then up through floor in the bilge area.
  6. redrum

    Converting jet back to prop

    Is it a 27" transom boat with a tunnel? Are you talking about a 60/40 Mercury 4 stroke, which is a 15" shaft motor?
  7. redrum

    Jet motor trim angle?

    I can confirm that on my Mercury binnacle control it can be configured for either push or pull. I've hooked my up backwards more than once.
  8. redrum

    Impeller ID

    I recently bought a 2003 Mercury 90/65 2 stroke that came with a 4 blade stainless impeller. Can anyone help me identify this impeller? I tried emailing Brian at outboardjets but they are closed until 5/4. I emailed wooldridge and I'm waiting to hear back from them. Based on looking at the...
  9. redrum

    Those grease tubes?

    I grease my jet after every time it has been submerged in water. I use 2-4-C with the little hand luber but I hate those toothpaste type grease tubes. I have to roll up the end and to keep from getting air inside I’ve been clamping the rolled portion. Up until yesterday that has been ok but...
  10. redrum

    Stand up stick steer??

    I like stick steering also but if you fish shallow rocky water standing up front and center has its advantages. I'd suggest installing a bar stool height seat and just treat it like a stick steer. Also, I have a 2002 Merc 60/40 on an 1860 SeaArk and its fine.
  11. redrum

    New boat build - 1648 Grizzly with 60/40 Jet

    Great boat. I have a 2015 1648 with a 2 stroke Merc 60/40 and it is really a perfect bass fishing river boat. If you don't know there is a channel that runs down the center of the boat you can fish wires through.
  12. redrum

    Anyone here have or know someone with K5?

    I'd like to talk to someone who has had K5 installed on a jet boat to see if it is worth the money. My opinion, wetlander is not.
  13. redrum

    Jet Comparison

    Does the boat have a tiller prop motor on it now? What size engine is on it? Usually you see 115/80 or 90/65 jets on 18ft boats but the 60/40 may "work" if you don't have a tunnel.
  14. redrum

    Mercury 35 jet

    The only differences in the 35 jet and the 40 jet are the stickers, price and programming. They are essentially the same engine. Mercury just starting making the 35 jet a year ago, so finding a used one is going to be pretty hard. The 65 jet and the 80 jet are the same both the same engine...
  15. redrum

    Has anyone ran the 4S SS impeller in a 2S

    Look what I've got! I bought another boat with a 2002 Mercury 60/40 jet. It has the Mercury 2 stroke stainless 3 blade impeller. I'm still running the 4S stainless 3 blade. I may do a parking lot swap comparison after the holiday weekend.
  16. redrum

    Lowe Pathfinder or G3 CCJ

    I'd like to see under the floor of both of them. I don't know if they have any supports welded to the floor that run from bow to stern. I think they both only have the stamped girders that go from side to side.
  17. redrum

    Help deciding what to do with my set up.

    The plate isn't meant to deliver clean water. It keeps the spray off the transom from hitting the pump then coming right back down in front of the intake and causing turbulence, which can lead to cavitation. The 1/4" is fine. I've seen some jets with plates made of uhmw that touch the shoe.
  18. redrum

    Lowe Pathfinder or G3 CCJ

    G3 should offer .125 hull and pods.
  19. redrum

    Is the 2nd Gen Terrova really THAT bad?

    I got my new (to me) motor! I found a deal on a used 3rd gen. 80lb/45" iPilot Terrova with bluetooth from a guy nearby that was upgrading to an Ultrex. I've only been able to spend about 30 mins on the water with it so far. The spot lock is impressive to say the least. With a very strong...
  20. redrum

    Help deciding what to do with my set up.

    You can disassemble the jack plate and use only one side to make a super stiff transom riser that will allow you to bolt the motor up where it needs to be. My brother's old boat had a riser built the same way except it was welded. So take the jack plate apart so you have two very thick heavy...