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    Tohatsu 60/40 jet

    If balance and weight is a concern, the Tohatsu would be the way to go. Motor really weighs 237lbs all in while the Mercury weighs 288 all in for a tiller model. I recently purchased a 2022 mercury 60/40 and have buyers remorse and wish I would have purchased the Tohatsu due to the weight being...
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    Prop pitch

    I have a 1995 9.9 Evinrude and recently spun the prop. The pitch on the prop was a 9. The prop I replaced it with was a 10 and the boat doesn’t seem to have the same hole shot any longer. Should a change like that make a difference? The boat is a small 12’ X 48” jon style boat with maybe 500...
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    Lithium starting batteries

    Boat is very weight sensitive and I want to pull out as much weight as I can. Save 35lbs or so by switching out the battery. May now seem like much but it does change the performance.
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    Lithium starting batteries

    I recently purchased a 2022 Mercury 60/40 jet and I am now thinking about purchasing this battery I am worried that I may somehow void the warranty if something goes wrong...
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    Rods made in America

    Go through the Lamiglas catalogue, if the model doesn’t have an American flag beside it, the product is made in China. Currently they have a fair number of Chinese built rods. Pretty much all of their price point models are