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    Fuel delivery/crank seals

    Yes. It's a Sierra carb kit part# 18-7042.
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    Fuel delivery/crank seals

    Yes. I'm going to look at the carb and fuel pump again. It almost acts like the tank isn't venting because it will run a ways before it bogs. We loosened the cap but it made no difference. It also appears that there are several variations of the fuel pump.
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    Fuel delivery/crank seals

    Thanks for the reply. I pulled the flywheel yesterday to take a look at the top seal. It appeared to be in good shape with no oil around it. I did spray some soapy water on it and it didn't leak in around the shaft. The motor idles good with no hesitation when throttled up. At WOT it doesn't...
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    Fuel delivery/crank seals

    Thanks for the reply! I think I'm at the last resort. I forgot to mention that there is a lot of oil running down the leg also. The power head removal looks like it will be fun.
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    Fuel delivery/crank seals

    I need some guidance on my 1985 Johnson 35hp outboard. This problem has been ongoing for a couple of years but I want to fix it before winter crappie fishing this year. The problem is that it bogs down at wot. I've rebuilt the carb, replaced fuel pump,and changed ALL the fuel lines. It still...
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    Which color green for my jon?

    Nice looking boat-nice looking paint job.
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    Evinrude 88 SPL

    I just acquired a 1991 Evinrude 88 SPL motor. It appears to be in fair shape. We haven't done a compression test so it could be junk. My son wants me to put it on my Lowe 1648. Right now I have a 1982 35 hp Johnson on it. The thing weighs 280 vs. the Johnson at 120 pounds. What do you guys...
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    plastic fuel tanks

    Plastic or metal is fine. I prefer plastic myself. Just make sure your fuel is clean and if your not going to use it for awhile add conditioner of some sort or drain it.
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    Jack Plate Installed w/ Pic, REV tested and need some advice

    Mine's almost exact same and I never had issues. They do look good but I don't know about performance gains. I doubt ther is much.
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    Empty boat trailer to the Upper Midwest - Now's the time

    Maybe you could rig up a couple of sandbags to help with the bounce. Trailers are flimsy with no boat. The boat is part of the structure.
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    Ethanol and boats

    Never heard of or seen a foam filled tank. Learn something new every day.
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    Ethanol and boats

    The carb can't be bad if fuel never touched it. I guess if the tank had bad fuel it would cause problems. You might want to try a different mechanic. I have ethanol fuel in my tank and sometimes it sets for two months before I use it. Ethanol is not that bad. Maybe the carb wasn't rebuilt in the...
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    Ethanol and boats

    I doubt the ethanol messed the carb up in three months.
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    do you hate jet skis...???

    Hillsdale lake has there share of them. I don't hate them, but they are annoying at times. I don't like the sound they make.
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    Hello Everyone

    When you get a chance, give us some pics of the new ride. Have fun and learn at the same time on this website. Welcome!
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    lights for my bow?

    Your right on there. They only somewhat work depending on what angle the boat is. That angle changes depending on the speed. Bugs love those lights too and sometimes add to the frustration of not being able to see.
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    lights for my bow?

    My son uses the Baja style on his boat. Keep in mind that the things require a lot of power. You'll need a good battery. If I was going to do it I would try to find led spot lights. Led's are going to cost more. I guess it depends on how long they need to be on.
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    DIY folding windshield

    If you look at it close, it's just a "U" shape channel with an angle cut on the bottom flanges. I kind of wish I had used the heat gun instead of the flat bed heater to bend it. The heat gun gives more of a radius bend. Look on YouTube on how to bend acrylic. There's all kinds of different style...
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    bigger bow eye for trailering???

    I had that problem with mine also. Get a threaded chain link loop at hardware store. It's for joining two chain link loops together. Problem solved!
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    How would you fix this?

    Clean it up really good and use JB Weld or some sort of marine epoxy. I've done a few holes on mine and haven't had any troubles for three years now.