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    1 Engine 1 Battery setup.

    It's fun to have discussions like this with a topic I enjoy. Tell me how Crystal River is with the hurricane flooding that occured on Rt 19 and what about the sink hole in the parking lot of the grocery store!
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    1 Engine 1 Battery setup.

    A crimp connector provides a pressure connection to the wire and the terminal A soldered connection connects the wire to a terminal using eutectic metals of lead, tin, silver that are heated to the melting point and flowed into the wire and terminal. If the wire and/or the connector is not at...
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    1 Engine 1 Battery setup.

    Sorry, I have to disagree The battery that has been selected has enough amperage to instantly turn wires into molten metal with hazardous gases that can choke the life out of a person A good disconnect switch can break that high current without the switch failing Get the ring terminals...
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    1 Engine 1 Battery setup.

    I would say the first thing you should do is find out what size wire for the starter is required by Mercury. #10 wire to your fused/breaker switch panel I don't know what a combo battery is. Are you going lead-acid, Lithium, both? Battery On/Off switch does not need to be fused if it is...
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    My new boat would you use this fuel tank

    Set the metal tank on a carpet or mat so it doesn't rub metal to metal. The metal edge of the tank will eventually get the protective paint removed so do touch up from time to time with paint and let it dry well before using the tank .
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    Floatation foam

    I have experience wind and current events in a small boat once you move away from land. Sailboaters will understand because they have to pay attention to wind and current. This guy did use his head to survive and he did very well indeed.
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    Best Method of Sanding Aluminum?

    See if someone in your area does soda blast cleaning. I don't recommend doing home air / media blasting because of the respiratory issues and the mess.
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    First boat looking for some speed

    Get a really nice self inflating life jacket that makes you look great when you wear it. Get a really really sharp serated knife with a lanyard. Speed in a boat is awesome until you hit wake, make a turn, or can't stop. You may get knocked silly for a few seconds or get dunked so the self...
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    If you live in Pa. Don't buy a trailer without a title

    Don't buy a boat in Florida without a title or it will only be allowed in a private pond with a paddle
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    1975 Mirrocraft transom corner bracket rivet size

    Bing AI says Typically, aluminum rivets are made of aluminum alloys such as 2017 T4, 2024-T4, 2117-T4, 7050 and 50561. It is important to note that aluminum rivets should never be used with stainless steel as corrosion may occur I do not stock any of those in my home workshop just 6061 see if...
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    Straightening Gunnel on Aluminum boat

    I would trace out he good side and use it to build a form Then do what makes it match the form I like lots of clamps myself
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    2003 boat, worried?

    I like it, must be in cold cold part of the world with that huge enclosed cabin. Quality aluminum, make sure the bottom paint hasn't got copper in it that would pit the hull. Ultrasonic testing is inexpensive test for checking parts of the hull, Be sure your inspector is going to use one. I...
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    12' Flat-Bottomed upgrade

    Look into two part expanding foam used for setting fence posts Look at what is done with Rubber Inflatable Hulls, the bottom of them can be a hard bottom with the inflated tubes providing floatation If it has a blunt bow and stern, consider placing the floation at the ends. You could build a...
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    What wood to use to replace transom?

    Thank you ! I spent a long time restoring that boat and I wanted it to outlast me. That boat went through Hurricane Ivan and survived getting ripped away from the dock area and tossed into a field.
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    What wood to use to replace transom?

    Wood boats planked with cedar go to sea in yachts and commercial vessels. It's very good looking and bugs don't like it
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    What wood to use to replace transom?

    I used Alabama Cedar, cut, fit and clear coated. Will surely last a long long time
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    Bad news after humminbird update

    I agree with airshot Across the board (printed circuit boards too), updates can be a problem. Even the latest update on my apple phone annihilated the use of voice to text so I have to wait for the fix in the next update. It isn't just software that can be updated, it can include updates to...
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    Adding cleat to my bow cap

    For safety I would definitely not recommend a cleat at that location. It's a bad thing to catch body parts, clothing, and when loading and unloading from a trailer a snag you do not want. Look at the slot in the bow cap, if you absolutely must run a line, that could do. Use the boat a few...