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  1. gillhunter

    The begging on this site is getting to be a real turnoff.

    You might consider finding another site to belong to. I don't recall membership being mandatory for anyone.
  2. gillhunter

    The begging on this site is getting to be a real turnoff.

    I'm on my work computer and not seeing any of this. I also don't see it on my home computer. I decided to open the site on my phone and all the ads pop up. I'm not interweb literate enough to understand why. I normally never surf the web on my phone, but I understand a lot of people do. As far...
  3. gillhunter

    The begging on this site is getting to be a real turnoff.

    I'm not seeing it. I also doubt that either Jim or the new owner made or are making much if any significant money from the site.
  4. gillhunter

    How many of you enjoy a decent stereo in a boat?

    Over the years I bought 2 new side consoles for fishing that came with stereos installed. Never even turned them on.
  5. gillhunter

    Why the carpet hate?

    Although I understand the advantages of vinyl, I have carpet in my 1648 because I don't want to burn myself in the summer. Mine was from Bass Pro and has held up well over the past 13 years. I do store my boat in the garage, which I know many can't.
  6. gillhunter

    Too hot to fish

    Supposed to hit 100 today. That's to hot to fish for me. LOL
  7. gillhunter

    Rods Rods Rods

    My 2 favorite rods are over 30 years old. Fish with them every weekend.
  8. gillhunter

    Towing with outboard

    I don't take the motor off the boat and use a transom saver. Honda says you should with this engine because it doesn't lock in the up position. 70 years old also.
  9. gillhunter

    cover for Jon boat

    Thanks. the snaps were screwed into the gunnel.
  10. gillhunter

    cover for Jon boat

    Just to give you some ideas. Both boats were 16'8" SCs the red one had a towing cover and the tan one would both tow and store. They were made locally and the material was Sunbrella if I remember correctly.
  11. gillhunter

    cover for Jon boat

    Kevin, When I had a boat the caliber of the one that you have I had a custom cover made for it. Snaps on the hull and a draw string. No tiedowns to the trailer, which are a pain.
  12. gillhunter

    Been stormy here

    Been hot and stormy here like much of the country. Finally got a nice day today and got out on the lake this morning. We have started to limit the size of our catch to 14 fish (bluegills). That makes 2 meals for us and that's all I want to clean at one time anymore. Of course we have trouble...
  13. gillhunter

    Calif Dept of Fish & Wildlife Security Breach

    When I was young the company I worked for got a contract with one of the big three US auto manufacturers. I was very excited and was telling my neighbor about it. His reply was "in 5 years you won't know whether it was the best or worst thing that ever happened to your company." He was...
  14. gillhunter

    Reshape and Balance Propeller?

    There are services in my area that rebuild and balance props. That one might be cheaper to replace.
  15. gillhunter

    Prevalence of "Electric Only" Lakes?

    I never said that anyone shouldn't own a EV. I tow a boat. EV trucks have terrible range when towing. I'm also concerned about the impact they have on the environment. But to each their own.
  16. gillhunter

    Prevalence of "Electric Only" Lakes?

    I'm not seeing any increased prohibition of lakes in my area. As a transplant from northern Indiana I was unaware at the time that there are no natural lakes in the southeast to speak of. They are all man made reservoirs. The large ones were created for flood control and electrical generation...
  17. gillhunter

    Prevalence of "Electric Only" Lakes?

    Georgia has many HP restricted and electric only lakes. These are usually 200-800 acres and are the water supplies for the nearby towns. The other choice are the 50,000+ acre unrestricted lakes. The big lakes can be a zoo on the weekends. We fish for bluegill and put together a boat for the HP...
  18. gillhunter

    Finally got out again

    It's been a tough spring weather-wise around here. Got out for about an hour this morning before the wind started gusting again. Got 17 nice bluegills. There was no body else on the lake.