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    A quick survey who trailers their boat with the motor in gear?

    I had a boat motor mechanic tell me years ago to place the boat in reverse to avoid the wind turning the prop and the entire drive shaft which puts additional wear on the bearings, gears and whatever. The same thing goes for carrying bicycles without preventing the wheels from...
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    Deck Template - Best material??

    It seems to me, that the pattern should be as close to the same thickness as the material being used for the deck. This would be especially important for a boat as a good fit might require cutting on a slight angle to allow for the curvature of the hull.
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    Rear boat seat on center or offset?

    If you check the stats on the boat you will find it is rated for a maximum of 7HP.
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    Towing with outboard

    The transom saver converts the motor shaft and transom from a lever and fulcrum to a solid triangle which is the strongest geometric shape. The Evinrude EL motor had a travel lock which supposedly negated the need for a transom saver. But that, in my opinion, only kept the motor from dropping...
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    Towing with outboard

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    12' Flat-Bottomed upgrade

    Buy a bigger boat. That 12 foot will only take a 7.5HP motor. Once you have the bigger boat you can upgrade the HP., add a steering console, etc. With two 250# guys, don't go less than a wide 16 foot. Those you can get used for $5,000 or $6,000. Don't buy anything older than a 2000. But you...
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    What wood to use to replace transom?

    Marine Grade plywood. I believe "exterior" plywood is only waterproof glued around the original edges. Once cut, the cut edge is not waterproof.
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    Adding cleat to my bow cap

    Its going to be hard to use the handle once the cleat is there, isn't it? If you don't plan on using the handle, maybe trying to find some way to mount the cleat through the handle with no drilling? Don't buy the cheap "cast aluminum" cleats. They look crappy and aren't even drilled correctly...
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    Outboard rec for 12ft 1985 Duranautic

    I made a comment before but don't see it. With the 9.9 HP you can get electric start.
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    Outboard rec for 12ft 1985 Duranautic

    I think I saw that boat for sale on CL a little while ago. Appears to be in nice shape especially it being an '85. But is it big enough for LI sound?
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    Extra led lighting….legal or not?

    I saw a couple of episodes of Lone Star or Louisiana Law and they nailed a guy for running with a light bar on his boat. I THINK the lights on the inside under the gunnel are illegal also if the boat is RUNNING. Any lights other than "running lights" are confusing to other boaters. Just my 2...
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    Oars & OarLock Questions

    Englishman out rowing on the river when a large wave hits his boat and he loses his oars. He spots a guy rowing the other way on the river with two women in his boat. So he yells over "I say old man, would you have a pair of oars?" Guy yells back "no, it's me wife and me mother in law."
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    Current draw

    I left my trolling motor battery on all winter hooked to what I thought was the proper (round shaped) Minkota trickle charger for the battery. Ruined the battery. Something about partial power trying to charge a higher power battery. It was explained to me by the dealer but I didn't quite grasp...
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    Boat Wanted Jon

    Did I miss this post 6 months ago? I just saw it now. Maybe I forgot I already answered you. In any event, that is way too much boat for us. But, thank you anyway.
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    Where do you store your boat registration while out on the water?

    Seems like your making an awful lot of trouble for yourself over a simple requirement. Stick it in something waterproof and tie it in the boat somewhere. Or, put it in a small Ziplok bag and duct tape it somewhere on the inside of the boat. I had mine in a small waterproof plastic thingy about...
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    Keep it or sell it

    Wife and I had a 12 foot jon with a 4HP on a trailer. Easy to load, didn't take up much room in the garage, was paid for. We go out fishing 3 or 4 times a year. As the boat is small, we couldn't go out on windy days so we figured we were missing a lot of fishing because of the weather. At 80...
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    anybody know who makes a good smooth bottom Jon?

    I would think the strengthening ribs would HELP sliding over things by reducing the amount of surface contact area.
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    So Close! What to do?

    Yes. You don't have to go to the races either. Just sitting at the launch and watching people run to the stern to insert the plug is fun in itself.
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    So Close! What to do?

    I bought a pair of the "guides" that are a couple of lengths of white plastic pipe. The chintzy bracket was so thin that going down the road, the pipes wobbled so hard they would tap the gunnels. They went with the boat when I sold it. The last little pair, for my little Jon boat, I made myself...