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    everything steelflex

    Hey anyone know how steel flex is long term? Also I'm tiring to find it with no luck anyone know where i can buy it?
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    12ft aluminium keel repair (help)

    I hear ya, i cant get my money back I'm sure he would fight it, i heard i should replace the keel or cover over it with aluminium angle and weld it in over the keel
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    12ft aluminium keel repair (help)

    Another outside pic
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    12ft aluminium keel repair (help)

    Hey everyone first post here I ran into a issue with my boat that i need help on. I bought a 12ft sears game fisher v hull aluminium boat for $200 . I found out for some reason the previous owner kept it in salt water for a while . Well picking it up at night was a NO NO that i found out. The...