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  1. Hook&Reel

    Rub rail

    I have a 16’ Jon boat and was wondering if anybody knew where to purchase rub rails that could be riveted to the tube at the top of the gunnel or have any ideas on what to use or do. Tired of that rail getting dinged up. I have looked everywhere to find something with no luck. Thought about...
  2. Hook&Reel

    14’ Jon

    Ok probably just use the gluvit on the inside and just paint on the outside. Did you strip the old paint off down to bare aluminum or paint over existing?
  3. Hook&Reel

    14’ Jon

    I have a 14’ Jon that I’m getting ready to seal and paint. I planned on doing the inside and out with gluvit epoxy sealer first and then Seahawk alumahawk jon green. Would the Seahawk paint adhere to the gluvit ok? And could I also use the gluvit to seal and protect my marine plywood decking...