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    Sealant for transom bolts

    Is 100% silicone not acceptable? I'm about to do this project as well and use GE 100% silicone that says it adheres to aluminum.
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    Trying to clean inside rivets and seams.

    All great ideas. I also drilled out the small holes and use a closed rivet coated in 3m 5200.
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    Need pics of older Bass Tracker or similar throttle control set ups pls...

    My 93 Tracker 17tx had the throttle controls and cables removed prior to me taking ownership. Any pics anyone can post of the throttle controls will be a great help. I've been trying the internet and YouTube but need close ups of how it's mounted and wide angle pics as well. Thanks in advance.
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    Newb: Picking up 1st outboard motor in 2 weeks, help pls with which propeller to buy

    I have been restoring a 1993 Bass Tracker 17tx (didn't come with an outboard). I have completed my restoration and I purchased a new 50hp Mercury 4 cycle outboard motor that i'm picking up in 2 weeks. I believe they do not come with a propeller so I'm trying to research what to get. Mercury...
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    1987 Bass Tracker Overhaul

    Looking great, keep us updated
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    1987 Bass Tracker Overhaul

    Alumabright works great and xylene for anything sticky like glue residue from carpeting. I recommend tiny boat nation and Anthony Jones on you tube for great how to videos. Send it jon boats is another good one to watch. Oh, tricked tins, he is a welder who works on boats so has some cool...
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    Also, love your channel. I'm in Williamsburg so it's cool seeing someone local with such talent.
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    Have you ever restored an older bass tracker? I have a 1993 17tx I'm working on and wondering what size tiller steer outboard would be sufficient to get on plane. A lot on YouTube shows a 25hp as being fine but they have 1648 grizzlies or smaller which is slightly smaller than mine. I think I...
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    Wiring first boat, 93 bass tracker tx17

    I haven't seen a video on the cranking battery and deep cycle (in parallel) being wired together as a bad idea in a certain switch position. Good to know. Videos I watched said they do this for extra juice if needed to start. If you have a website or video explaining this I would appreciate that.
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    Wiring first boat, 93 bass tracker tx17

    Thank you catching those issues, I will redraw and post an update in a few days. The SI ACR is a start isolation automatic charging relay. I think it's supposed to control the amperage jump when starting the motor so I won't have to worry about which position my battery switch is in and...
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    Wiring first boat, 93 bass tracker tx17

    I got a 93 Bass Tracker 17tx and gutted it. I am trying to plan out my electrical layout. I've watched quite a few you tube videos to study up and gotten ideas from tiny boat nation, Anthony Jones, put em Down etc, and have done other research on vendor websites. Please look at my layout and...