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  1. jlake1958

    A little help please

    I'm not in Central Oregon but I travel there frequently for fishing and bird shooting. I live in Oregon City. Have fun with your new project!
  2. jlake1958


    Thats a decent Blackie right there!
  3. jlake1958


    ....when she says "let's work on the boat"...
  4. jlake1958

    Why the carpet hate?

    I like the idea of marideck waterproof vinyl or some such product on the flooring. For "other" horizontal and vertical surfaces, I like the hdpd plastic at 1" of thickness. The hdpd is utterly waterproof so carpeting is just fine on that stuff. I like the softening effect of carpet in certain areas.
  5. jlake1958

    Best pourable transom replacement product?

    This is brilliant. I wonder if I could find a 1993 vintage transom template for my Lund tyee. I'm going to investigate this. I want to do wood but have heard the copper in the better sealants will interact with your boat skin causing corrosion. Any thoughts or experience regarding this...
  6. jlake1958

    A new old guy!

    We'd have coffee clutches over transom, anchors, fishing tactics, the weather, aches and would be therapy for all of us!
  7. jlake1958

    Tin boat new guy

    Not tons of room beam-wise in that garage but maybe length-wise not so bad if you buy a swing-tongue trailer may well fit. I have an old Lund 1850 Tyee GS which rests on a shoreland'r trailer. My boat length from tip of skeg to tip of trailer ball socket is 23' 3" so with a swing tongue you...
  8. jlake1958

    A new old guy!

    Tis the season! I just bought a project boat that is elderly (as am I 😁) so if there are archives that may be helpful please direct me. Winter project is transom, changing interior/exterior colors, and floor replacement.